Backyard Tigers (Volume 2) : Stalking the Mystic Wildcat

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Portrait of a recurring dream self. I'm more a dream artist than a realist, but one day I set up a mirror and looked in it The army breeds smart animals.


Scientists fear they'll upset ecosystems. No one speaks for the creatures Animal poets at an open mic. My turn! And I find I'm one.

A creature without grammar It's a tribute to Ursula Le Guin's anarchist utopia, "The Dispossessed", and Kropotkin's theories of biological cooperation In our wizard-war, I've hidden my nature. At last I come out; but I can't tell the whole truth Robe or petals? Head or lilybud? Face or tongue or clit or slit? An eerie hybrid of person and flower A creature that's half kitten and half baby wants me to pet it I'm reluctant, but when I do My sisters get bored with the game of power, so I watch TV-- until it melts, and a terrifying giant rises to chases me I love what dancers look like, seen over time, in strobe photos.

Like weird undersea growths I wake to find my girlfriend's obsessing on hair loss. To calm her, I babble about limb loss A summer love affair with a shapeshifting alien turns awkward when she gets a high fever, and I'm a circus tiger, then a performing shark. One day, I block my human partner's high dive I'm teaching in a wizard's college near Mt Shasta when one astral world decides to occupy another Floundering through the snows of , I fall in love with actress Linda Evans, who is a sheep teaching ballet.

When I wake I find myself outdoors with my legs spread for a weird creature. I protest, but I love it. Later, after I wake Dinosaur people demand to take our Ship's Boy with them. But he knows them! But maybe she's right to hide I'm a trade rep for Terra, on a new world. But an old rival, a rep from another world, arrives, and After I fled my batterer, I was afraid to love--afraid I'd give up my freedom again for mere kindness Sketch of recurring dream Ours is a mixed-race family, and my sister takes after the horse side. No hands, but can she sing! My anima Silky plans to kill a man who hurt her.

Instead, we make them re-enact it, with variations I'm in an alternate-history American Revolution with Silky the talking black mare. We sail for Europe as diplomats A love poem to the black mare I keep meeting in my dreams, who finally married me I'm a kid in a classroom someone's trashed.

Our teacher goes ballistic. But was the gypsy girl framed? Silky, my often-animal anima, leads me into a strange pagan church where we get married at last From a crowd in a gym, I sing to my wolflike alien friend. But she can't recognize my voice-- too convincing a falsetto!

I slide deeper, but she's already tuned me out as femme My sisters roll a single die. Miriel can influence it telekinetically, but can't shoot very well. Since she hasn't grown opposable thumbs yet Black holes can be scary enough outside you, but what if you have dormant ones inside you? But that doesn't bother me--it's how he likes to eat bits of himself Now wait 90, years for life to adapt. The continents are now Tibetan plateaus above steamy new Deeps, ruled by giant parrots, ravens and otters We play with worlds for balls, and gravity wells for goals.

How do the worlds see it? I find out. My sister's beautiful; I'm plain. When she's murdered, I ride into the Interface Desert, where worlds meet Big Blonde and her officemates don't believe in flight; but the dragonfly-girl I meet hatched in mid-air My girlfriend and I can fly, but detectives shadow us. How to lose them? By sticking to the beach and A baby's own skin secedes, forming a snake.

It prepares to eat the skinned baby. Shall I intervene? A huge rubbery mass of skin complains I made it sick. I get tired of its whining, and But her synthetic baby is As Mars demands independence from Earth, Jovians enslave us all! Now freedom-fighting is personal A cigar-smoking tyrannosaur moves into our neighborhood, upsetting us bluebirds and vampire bats Nondream vision Just a couple of soulmate snakes, entwined so totally I envied them I'm a peace terrorist trapped in Squaw Valley, herded like a mare by a huge stallion made of snow And then the dream shifts.

I blurt out the truth behind our idiotic waking world! And wake believing it Lost digital picture-poem restored. I had a horrible realization that computers are useless, and I tried to make it beautiful A demigoddess and a wizard meddle with humans. But do even THEY know what they're assembling? Humanity's trapped--no energy. Because aliens looted our world before we evolved!

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Our cat crawls in and plays peekaboo. She becomes a teenager eager to get drunk at Thanksgiving--like every adult in her life. But she's not puking drunk like them, so she must be OK! Just as I think I am--I only overwork to exhaustion. My horse trusted me as we faced lions and fire, but to face the Soul-Board, he must trust himself But now I'm grown I'm being hunted in Reincarnation Swamp, as I worry--the human population boom means experienced souls are scarce.

Are most folks you meet really dogs, cats I'm teaching an art class full of strange masklike beings. We debate art as spontaneous process, versus art as planned product A great war shrinks to wrestling, then hopping from page to page! Once they were worlds to me, but now Also sculpt! I'm a half-sphinx--human dad, sphinx mom--stuck in human form so far. Will I ever learn to shift?

I practice--sculpt my elegant feline future self A sphinx with equine traits; probably a precursor of the Krelkin, a sphinxlike alien who befriended me later Digital portrait of a dream figure. Tehura was a beautiful sphinx exploring our human world; she led me to a new way of seeing us A preteen sphinx pleased with herself and her treebranch world A moody teenage sphinx treed by the hounds of her own disdain That moody teen sphinx has grown up at last, and relaxed again Leona's a fighter--she rejects compromisers like her husband, her friends, that miniature catgirl she's been sitting on While I study how humans went extinct, my daughter happily splashes in the sea Our physics project is top secret, but a stranger strolls into a meeting and opens a can of green light Lost in a dark maze of machine-shops, I follow Mr.

Spock, who's drunk, and talks to tree-spirits She lets me join her telekinesis lesson! Can my mind move a balloon? Then I tour a witch-world where normality's shameful.

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One kid's not witch or normal--he keeps turning into Donald Duck! I'm a hot archeology student till I open the wrong tomb. A plague turns us into green moldy monsters--at first Watercolor, digital tweaking. Daydream image.. No dream, no plot. I saw myself as a horse grazing in a forest of giant mosses, lifting spore-packets Divers made of ice win the Traffic-Leaping Olympics. But I think they cheated!

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I seek my friend the Sphinx Giant squid surface at popular beaches and eating people. Not the form of first contact we'd hoped Was it fear? A dragon inside said no Plant a TREE!

A stallion in drag I meet the Red God of Running and Holly Golightly; we're in the triathlon up the world's greatest peak I'm playing poker with a dragon. But we barely dare move: we're both crackling with thousands of volts I dreamed the Stealth Bomber wasn't a machine, but a gigantic Owl-god. And Stealth was worshiped Two big spoiled realities pester me to take care of them. At last I go on shamanic strike Digital portrait of dream-selves, body-images. When I start feeling worthless, I paint myself. But which me? Not a dream--one night I just found myself painting Potatohenge Daydream image with an agenda Do it now!

I'm doing it. I'm getting up from the keyboard and stretching.

Animals which symbolized courage and audacity…

I am a cheetah Five short dreams exploring the weight of culture on our animal selves Earth scientists ignore the natives' tales of abyssal monsters, but the locals easily track a Terran sub My sister and I are on a ship abandoned by its crew, heading full-steam for the rocks, when I find the cure for an alien plague, then visit its homeworld, to find it has a curious variant I hijack a Lacewing Chopper to install a new rubber-band engine, but the motor becomes a talkative penis, and I track down the wizard who cursed me.

He turns me into a swan! His first curse was on a human being , and now I'm a bird. My mind is free!