Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World

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Browse Inside. SKU SP Add to Cart. Quick Overview Making a significant advance in the study of the film industry of the period, Canadian Cinema since the s is also an ideal text for students, researchers, and Canadian film enthusiasts. David L. Pike adds a unique and important new viewpoint to film studies, introducing a fresh breeze of valuable insights to the field along the way. Pike's fluent sensitivity to many complex and subtle issues is truly admirable, and his expositions on individual filmmakers range from the interesting to the truly illuminating.

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History of the Canadian Film Industry

There is much in your face screaming and family dysfunction, as long-standing resentments and jealousies inevitably rear their ugly heads. This is especially true in regards to explosively angry and resentful Antoine, brilliantly played by Vincent Cassel as a volcano of toxic poison, ready to erupt at any moment at the slightest provocation. The themes are not new ones for Dolan, and the performances he elicits have never been better, so one can only assume that it was the uncompromising nature of his approach to the material that so alienated many of the critics.

If you only see one Xavier Dolan film in your life, this is probably the one to see. It seems to encapsulate all the major themes that have driven his films thus far, especially in its depiction of a fractious, hysterical, bipolar love between a violence-prone, emotionally challenged son and his working class mother who can dish it out as good as she gets. But at closer glance, he really is exploring many of the same themes that have defined his work so far, particularly with regards to navigating the fraught emotional landscapes that unconventional sexual orientations seem to engender.

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This one did not play in the main competition at Cannes in , but rather in the oftentimes more adventurous sidebar event known as Un Certain Regard. What they discover about the violent background that their mother had escaped from will shake their view of the world, and their place in it, to its very core. Based on a play by Wajda Mouawad, the film unfolds at times like a real thriller, and serves to remind complacent Canadians that many of us are the children of immigrants, separated from the harsh realities of war and conflict by sometimes less than a generation.

The film has surprise revelations and plot twists that it would be unfair to reveal here, but it is never less than riveting.

ISBN 13: 9781442612402

It also cleaned up at the Jutra awards the very same year. It is a breathtaking film. Monsieur Lazhar M. A beautiful low-key heartwarmer of a film that defies anyone to hate it.

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Lazhar tells the simple story of an Algerian substitute teacher at a Montreal public grade school, who takes on the thankless task of teaching a class whose most popular teacher committed suicide in her classroom. While helping the students deal with their trauma in the gentlest of ways, it is gradually revealed that our self-effacing professor has his own loss to deal with.

Subsequent highlights included the acclaimed political comedy-drama Congorama and the flat-out political comedy My Internship in Canada.

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It won similar accolades in the Jutra awards. A beautiful, wistful, haunting film about the love between a man and a woman, and the love between a mother and a son. This is a film that loses everything if you try to explain its magic. It just has to be experienced on its own. It is that enchanting. It is very rare to find a political satire masquerading as a feature length comedy in Canadian film circles. But director Philippe Falardeau has a rather unusual background. He actually studied Canadian politics and international relations before embarking on a film career by winning a tv contest in which he got to tour the world making short films along the way.

Perhaps best known for his films Congorama and especially M. Lazhar, this one will have you laughing out loud. His leftist daughter is appalled that Daddy seems willing to trade off principles for the betterment of his own community.

He is a morally weak-kneed protagonist, having to deal with local logging protests from the indigenous community and pressure from his hawkish wife. An idealistic young Haitian has come to the rural enclave to study North American politics, and quickly comes to the conclusion that the cynical way we do things is beyond comprehension. A huge hit in its native Quebec, Starbuck has such a great premise for a sentimental comedy that it was remade as an American film by Dreamworks under the title Delivery Man, starring Vince Vaughn. Currently, the suit identifies the father only as Starbuck, the name of famously fertile Canadian bull. Meanwhile his current girlfriend, a policewoman, announces that she is pregnant as well.

This is a man with rather average intelligence, low ambition, but shall we say, extremely high motility. Curious about what he has unleashed, David starts to surreptitiously drop in on some of the children he has helped bring into the world to see how they are doing and if he can help some of them a bit. Lewis , which became a hit in both its original Quebecois version and its English-language remake known as The Grand Seduction. Starbuck won the Best Original Screenplay award at the Genie awards as well as the Golden Reel award for highest grossing Canadian film of the year.