FIERCE ABS: Your Jump Start Guide To Sculpt, Tighten & Tone Your Abs

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Led by Master Instructor Emily Welsh, this workout will help you transform your physique. Quick changes from cardio to sculpting and back again boost your energy level and melt fat away fast with this innovative method for losing weight 40 mins. Unique low-impact cardio and body-shaping exercises burn calories both during and after this dynamic workout. Pump, Jump 'n Jab is a powerful fat-burning routine that fuses cardio kickboxing with total body sculpting.

The Firm Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels guides you as you kick-start your metabolism and break weight loss plateaus. Cardio Sculpt Fusion , created by The Firm Master Instructor Emily Welsh, is a hybrid of cardio, flowing body sculpting, and dynamic yoga and Pilates to create long, lean muscles that are relaxed and refreshed. Includes a minute Express option 51 mins.

Compact and ultra-efficient, the minute workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into five separate workouts, mix and match your favorites to fit your schedule each day, or do them all together for one incredible, body-transforming workout!

Butt Workout 2: Booty Booster | 30 DAY BUTT LIFT

Better Booty Camp : Just 10 minutes with the loop and these targeted exercises are all you need to build a better booty. Your buns will feel lifted, tighter, and more toned after just one workout. Strong and Slim Thighs : Develop strong and lean legs by using the unique resistance of the loop with this mix of balance, strength, and Pilates-based moves to sculpt your muscles slim. Trim and Toned Tummy : Take your ab workout to the next level with the sculpting loop. It gives extra-defining power to crunches, curls, and twists to quickly trim and tone your tummy. Lower Body Makeover : Use the loop to makeover your entire lower body while burning off excess calories with exercises that are designed to sculpt muscles and blast away fat.

You also need flab-fighting cardio, and this routine has it! Use it to define your waistline and develop flat abs fast! Equipment Used: Sculpting Loop included. Kit includes: - One 4 lb. After torching all those calories, join Leslie for a short session on the floor that includes the all-time best move to super-sculpt the belly … rated number one for muscle engagement. The Body Basic Weight Training Workout will strengthen and reshape your entire body with body contouring exercises for the lower and upper body using dumbbells and adjustable ankle weights that will challenge your body to become stronger and your muscles more defined.

You will move rhythmically from one exercise to the next with active rest while focusing on form and range of motion. This mind to muscle weight training DVD workout will work your body from the bottom up, trimming, toning and shaping your thighs and arms from the top to the back, from the outside to the inside.

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It will slenderize your hips and back, lift and tighten your chest and buttocks and flatten and trim your midsection, those stubborn areas that demand special attention. Equipment Used: Dumbbells and Ankle Weights. With Non Stop, you work every part with three to seven exercises in a non-exhausting weight training routine without stopping once! You will zap all of your body fat as you define and sculpt your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, thighs, butt and stomach — while at the same time achieving a rock hard, strong body.

How it works: with Non-Stop, you do one super-duper giant set for your first light set and without resting, another such set for your middle weight, and finally, another such set for your heaviest weight … all without resting. With Dynamic Tension, you use the principle of maximum flexing and dynamic tension — continual pressure throughout the movements, doing two exercises before you take a rest. Due to the extreme self-applied pressure, you need the rests. Equipment Used: Hand Weights. Zap the bra roll, lift breasts, eliminate stomach pooch and love handles, delete saddle bags, trim inner thighs, shape shoulders and calves, lift and trim thighs, firm and define triceps and create strong biceps!

Trish Muse invites you to use your dumbbells and medicine ball for a Strength Attack! Increase your muscular endurance and burn calories by using lighter weights and performing more repetitions. Boost your strength and endurance using heavy weights to your tolerance and performing fewer repetitions with dumbbells.

Trish completes your Strength Attack with a core workout using a large medicine ball or dumbbell for a total body workout. A functional stretch with music finishes things off as you stretch across all planes of your body to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, results and functionality. You get a variety of exercises in all positions and angles that target your core by simultaneously working other muscle groups in multi-dimensional movement patterns.

Grab your small medicine ball to add a different resistance challenge to your core with multidimensional exercises. Short on time but still need a workout? Work your core every way possible to max out your workload options in little time. Pilates Power Ball Sculpt uses the most effective body sculpting Pilates moves to give you amazing results within ten workouts. Engage your entire body with this gentle, flowing, yet challenging routine that targets your waist, lower abs, legs, and butt.

The optional Power Ball will help you focus on working slower and harder to achieve a beautiful dancer-like physique. Recommended equipment: a mat or carpeted surface; and a 4 pound Power Ball is recommended but not absolutely necessary. Say goodbye to saddlebags, muffin tops and wobbly arms with this heart-pounding, minute circuit workout that targets trouble zones like never before. By keeping you constantly challenged, Jillian will transform your body from flab to firm in no time! This uniquely designed workout tool is curved, sleek and fits easily in your hand for smooth degree full body-slimming movements.

The Kettlenetics kBell has an offset, sure-grip handle to better maneuver through Michelle's innovative FlowMotion movement patterns. Plus, with only 4 lbs. The kBell - your perfect hand-held gym. DVD includes: min. Total Body Workout targets cardio and whole-body sculpting for maximum results; min. Express All Cardio Workout to burn calories; min. Express All Sculpting Workout for sexy curves; and min. The FIRM method maximizes your ability to sculpt and shape your entire body, burning up to three times more fat than cardio alone. With 12 easy exercises in 12 minutes a day, you can get and stay fit with a program that fits your schedule.

This slim-quick system includes five minute workouts with a different move for every minute to trim and tone from head to toe. Get your daily dose of exercise and get in the best shape of your life!

Fat Melter & Ab Trainer // SUNDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt

Cardio-Athletic 12 min : Rev up your metabolism, and your athleticism, with 12 heart-pumping exercises that blast calories and incinerate fat. Cardio Kickbox 12 min : Punch, kick, and shuffle yourself slim with 12 cardio-charged moves that allow you to progress at your own pace. Lower Body Sculpt 12 min : Tone your hips, thighs, buttocks, and abs with 12 targeted exercises to slim saddlebags, shape the rear, and tighten the tummy. Upper Body Sculpt 12 min : Row, curl, and plank your way to sexier shoulders, arms, and abs with 12 super-sculpting upper body exercises.

Yoga Stretch 12 min : Release tension and improve circulation with 12 yoga-inspired moves to stretch and soothe every muscle in the body.

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Each workout moves continuously from one effective move to the next. These workouts go a step further to maximize results by using active rests throughout the 30 minutes of training. Each option offers its own added benefits and changes the overall feel of the workout every time. The active rest you choose and the weight you use, results in your perfect workout in only 30 minutes.

Choose from nine different routines that will tone and tighten the mid-section.

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This includes Yoga, Pilates, Toning and Cardio segments to make the workout more challenging! This is the only DVD fitness program of its kind! Over combinations! Including the exclusive No More Boring Workouts! Learn how to control the breath and strengthen the abdominals in isolated movements while toning at the same time. Concentrate on firming and developing the midsection without weights or bulky equipment.

Our instructors are certified with extensive training and teaching experience to deliver challenging yet easy-to-follow workout routines that are rooted in mind, body fitness. Master Instructor Rebekah Sturkie leads energizing intervals of power push cardio mixed with energizing and functional body-sculpting moves.

Get strong, sculpted and toned with this complete body-conditioning program. Equipment Used: CardioWeights or dumbbells. The blend of core-related movements and strength training works areas that traditional exercises miss, delivering washboard abs, perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders, and a tighter, higher backside. Integrating the core with every move, these five minute workouts combine Pilates-based exercises with yoga-inspired postures for flat abs fast. Using body weight as resistance and small hand weights for a challenge, these five minute workouts target the whole body, from arms and shoulders to glutes, hips, and thighs, and abs.


5 Moves to Tone Your Arms Without Weights

Kathy's secret is to hone in on specific muscle groups to provide the greatest results in the least amount of time. You'll tone and tighten using a series of small, concentrated muscle movements, strengthen with traditional exercises that involve a full range of motion, and create long, beautiful lines with deep stretches. Mix up these cutting-edge strength and cardio routines and you'll never hit a wall. It's time to get up, get fierce, and get fit! Less up and down from standing or sitting to floor, added exercise combinations, substitutes for people who can't squat or lunge and options to do exercises in standing or sitting positions.

Exercise chest-shoulders, biceps-triceps, lower-upper abdominals on workout day one, and thighs-hip-buttocks, back-calves on workout day two, using the time-tested "superset between body parts" routine that burns maximum fat and erases cellulite as it creates strong, solid feminine muscularity and definition without exhaustion.