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Jenkie is a part of our admin team for Arigato and works hard to make sure our guests and guides have all the support they need.

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Erika is a foodie and travel lover! She lives in the Philippines, and travelling is part of her yearly goals. She does it not just to relax and have fun, also to learn new things and discover fun facts around the world. Erika loves to help her friends in making and arranging their travel itinerary, from ticket booking, purchasing which tours to take and managing tour expenses! She joins the admin team to offer her cheerful support for our guests and our guides!

Asami is a true food and drink lover having spent her entire professional career in the restaurant industry. She is originally from Japan but lived in the United States for nearly 10 years. Asami has worked in multiple high end restaurants on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Her true passion in life is sharing her knowledge of both food and beverage with those around her.

She has a special interest in sake through countless years of studying, which allows her to pair sake and food together much like a wine sommelier would pair food and wine together thus creating a memorable experience like no other. Mario is a certified beer sommelier in Japan a rare feat and a great honor and he is an undeclared foodie, Mario initially came to Japan to pursue his graduate studies after doing trade promotion for Japan in the DC area.

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Now fluent in Japanese, curiosity and a passion for food and craft beer fuel his passion as a tour guide. He is looking forward to re-discovering Japan through the eyes of visitors, while sharing his unique perspective on the local food scene and culture. She was born in Paris and instantly fell in love when she visited Japan for the first time. She is also a gaming enthusiast and was working as a Marketing Manager in a gaming company for more than 6 years.

She quit almost everything last year to follow her dreams and come to live in Tokyo. In her spare time she likes to walk randomly to discover new restaurants and places. Yuko has traveled to many countries and worked for foreign companies for many years.

She lived in Canada and Australia which she really enjoyed! Yuko likes to communicate with different people and exchange information about culture and food. She knows many nice places in Tokyo for eating, drinking and sight seeing. Please feel free to ask her many questions about Tokyo. She is excited to share her knowledge! Ayumi was born and raised in Tokyo. She used to work on a cruise ship for 7 years as an acupuncturist and had chance to see the world. She is a foodie and a beer lover. She is always to looking for different restaurants.

Ayumi loves going to a local restaurant and trying new foods while traveling. Her favorite food in world is sea urchin uni. There are lots of different ways to enjoy sea urchin. Ask her the best ways of eating this famous ingredient! Ayumi is a very kind and happy person and is excited to meet new people and share great Japanese food experiences with you.

Joshua from our back office, customer service team, is a lover of food, music and travel. He lives in the Philippines, holding a degree in Information Technology. He had a long experience working in the BPO industry which ignited his passion in customer service. His hobby is watching movies and playing computer and mobile games. He is a dedicated guy working hard making sure every guest is happy and well-served. Akari was originally from Nara and is now living in Osaka. She also has lived overseas in Australia and Canada. Akari loves eating out and finding great restaurants.

She also loves dogs, playing the piano, watching movies, and travelling. Akari is a friendly person and she is really looking forward to exploring Osaka with you and sharing her love of great Japanese food! Russ is from Wales and is a musician. He first visited Japan in with his band after discovering a record he released in was selling for yen He has since undertaken 8 tours of Japan and has had the opportunity to sample food from across the country.

He regularly plays solo gigs in Dotonbori and Shinsekai. He has lived in Kyoto for 5 years. Kristine is our new admin from the Philippines. Being a food lover and a travel enthusiast gives her the opportunity to share her love of exploration.

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Christinna, who is helping with our content team, lived a total of 9 years in Japan with her husband while he did his military tours. She was born and raised in a military family and had opportunities to live in many places. These experiences helped mold her love of food and travel. Christinna was introduced to Japanese culture and cuisine at elementary school while living in England; it was then that she fell in love with Japan!

She is a mom, traveler, foodie, cook, and writer. She hopes to help you fall in love with Japan through her writing. Shaun is an American that is living in Japan to graduate with a degree in Asian Studies. It was thanks to his dedicated service in the Navy that allowed him to follow his dream to live in Japan. During his service, he has visited Japan 3 times as a tourist visiting many restaurants and tourist spots in Tokyo and Kyoto. Any questions about great coffee spots or green tea samples should be sent his way. Shaun always looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm about Japanese culture and culinary experiences.

Ayaka was born in Hiroshima but moved to Osaka 5 years ago. She often explores Osaka and Kyoto with her husband. She loves exploring all the amazing restaurants these cities have to offer. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and of course, eating Japanese food, especially Japanese sweets! After the kindness and hospitality she experience aboard, she decided that she wants to introduce Japan to others.

She can't wait to share her love for Japan with you. Yoko is a food lover. She believes food has important roles for our lives, which enable us not only to be healthier and happier but also to deepen relationships with others. Besides that, she enjoys meeting new people from all over the world.

When she was a college student, she worked as a guide in Nara where she was born and raised, and guided over people. She is open minded and always happy to share her knowledge. Hiro is an Osaka native who has had a unique and varied life having spent 20 years overseas.

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He is a professional artist and painter and used to work as a fashion designer. That being said he always loves to come back home and eat in Japan - which has some of the world's best and freshest food. Hiro wants to warmly welcome guests from all different backgrounds to Japanese hospitality and food. He wants to show a special side of Japan that tourists don't usually get to see and experience.

Mayumi Kawakami was born and raised in Japan. She first moved to New York to study at Columbia University.

She stayed in America for 35 years, including 3 years in Hawaii. During that time she started a family and worked in teaching. Although Mayumi loved the food in NYC and Hawaii, she fell in love with Japanese food all over again when Mayumi and her family came back to Japan in She loves to eat out and hopes to share Japanese food with others.

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Ike was born in Japan, but moved to Boston in to go to music school. After graduating he played in few bands as a drummer. Around the same time Ike got into the restaurant business. During his 35 years in Boston, Ike was a sushi chef, manager at a Japanese market and owned a restaurant. He is excited to share his knowledge about Japanese food with you! From study abroad to almost permanent resident, Aaron has lived in Japan for almost 10 years. He loves food, obviously, but also is devoted to his wife and son and enjoys playing with his 2 Akita dogs. When he's not doing tours around Osaka, he often climbs mountains and goes to various historical locales around the Kansai region.

His favorite food is a toss-up between Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, but of course he can eat anything on the menu. He looks forward to sharing what he knows about Japanese food with you. Tokiko was born and raised in Osaka. She lived in Switzerland for more than 15 years and enjoyed mingling with the locals by giving Ikebana, Japanese traditional dance and Kimono lessons.