Guy Kenmores Wife and The Rose and the Lily

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No one to witness a foot sport fishing boat in trouble. No one to come to the aid of two men drowning. Even in the sparse light beaming down from the boat and illuminating about 10 feet in front of them Powers and Seay can see this one is different. A vertical barricade of water, maybe as tall as 12 feet. In the seconds before it hits, Powers thinks: tsunami. Could there have been an earthquake?

Did the earth move and send this rolling destroyer? Instead the bow stabs into the wall. The wave blasts the windshield, smashing all three window panels instantly. The sound reminds Powers of a car crash. Shattering glass. The violent beating against metal.

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The wave passes, drenching the men, both still in their high-backed seats. As soon as the wave is behind them they notice: The boat lists to its port side, at about 30 degrees. Powers thinks the craft will right itself. He fumbles in the dark and turns on the bilge pumps to empty out the water; he stands on the starboard side, hoping his weight will level things out. Then the boat crackles with static. Powers fumbles again in the dark.

He lifts a seat cushion and pulls out two life preservers. He hands one to Seay just before another big wave hits. His impulse is to start kicking to reach the surface for at least one gulp of air. He waits. The life jacket, still clutched in his hand, pulls him as he fixates on his empty lungs.

Once Was Never Enough

His head breaks the surface. He sees the boat. The front sticks out maybe three feet above the water and descends quickly. He starts yelling for Seay.

They Looked and Loved

As his eyes adjust to the dark he spots his friend, floating on his back, 50 feet away. He first laid eyes on Richard Seay at a jobsite installing drywall.

Truth is, he thought he was a total ass. Seay, 14 years older than Powers—then about 26—seemed to look down on the kid. Who is this guy , Powers wondered, other than a jerk? When Powers launched his own drywall operation, not easy for someone like him, who had been to prison twice, a friend recommended hiring Seay. The guy I did the side job with?

It was one of the best decisions Powers ever made. Seay ran all the big jobs in the field.

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Powers ran the office and landed the big contracts. They cavorted outside of work, too. Fishing, gambling, drinking. Powers had grown up without a dad, but it would be a stretch to call Seay a father figure. That is if Prince Hal were a two-time ex-con with an amputated index finger and a taste for hip-hop. In casinos Seay would get the pair kicked out before they even had a drop to drink. At the blackjack table one night at Angel of the Winds casino, joking around with each other, they laughed so hard that Seay, stone-cold sober, fell out of his chair.

When they tried to order, the server informed them they were cut off. When Powers invited friends to watch mixed martial arts on pay-per-view at his new house in rural Arlington, Seay brought his cousin, Heidi, and her dad. Out back, standing around the bonfire that night, Powers fell for Heidi hard.

She was a single mom three years his senior. He was a single parent by then, too. That night he told her father he was going to marry her. When Heidi and Powers formed their own family—her daughter, his daughter, his and her son—Seay stayed very much a part of it. He lived behind a park and the kids would come over and play.

In the Straits: An Inmate Turned Millionaire Turned Lone Survivor

He made their son a kite and bought him remote control toys. A photo of Powers and Seay seated at a sushi restaurant a few years back illustrates their dynamic perfectly. Powers, his face scruffy, wears a Seahawks T-shirt and beanie.

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Seay, with a horseshoe of graying hair wrapped around the back of his skull, sports a maroon T-shirt. Together they hold up for the camera a massive platter weighed down by three python-thick sushi rolls.

In the Straits: An Inmate Turned Millionaire Turned Lone Survivor | Seattle Met

Seay emotes something else. His eyes squint. His lips purse. The mouth is open but just off to the side in a kind of stage whisper, the better to tell his audience of one the secrets of life. His eyes are closed and he moans. A grunt escapes with each breath. Powers yells. Talk to me. Whenever Powers sees one get close he shuts his mouth to keep the water out.

But Seay, unconscious, keeps his mouth open. Powers shouts again. Nothing works. He also scans for a boat he remembers motoring behind them on their right flank, shortly before the biggest wave hit. Maybe it got hit by the same wave, its passengers now in the water, too. He screams, hoping he can locate the other passengers. The moaning stops and it sounds to Powers like Seay is choking on water. He attempts resuscitation, plugging his nose and blowing a breath into his mouth. Foam comes out. Powers washes the foam away with water and blows in another breath.