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Having 13 people around the table at mealtime is considered bad luck, as there were 13 people at the Last Supper. When it comes to toasting, there are several things that can cause you to have bad luck. Wonder why there are no air conditioners in Italy?

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In the U. We, however, think they are super cute!

If you want to protect yourself against the evil-eye, carry a corincello charm around with you at all times. The charm, which resembles a chili pepper or a small horn, represents the horns of the Old European Moon Goddess and will bring you luck. Never cross objects in the shape of a cross—for example, your fork and knife—as this is considered to be an insult to the religious symbol of the cross and will bring you bad luck.

This superstition—which states that one must toss a handful of salt over their left shoulder to get rid of bad luck—is also common in the U. This is just a sample of the many unique Italian traditions and superstitions. Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons.

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Sign up for convenient, affordable private lessons today! These are not traditions. These are superstition. You are offering no explanation. The salt one for example is very simple. Salt was extremely expensive in the inner part of Italy.

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Throwing it on the floor or on the table was unlucky because you had to buy it again. The bread one is not precise. In the ancient times and some bakers to do, bakers will cut across on top of the bread to facilitate levitation , and also to bless the bread so to say.

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  • As Halloween has arrived, Carol King outlines what Italians do to ensure good luck — and ward off bad luck. Not so in Italy, where black cats are thought to be a sign of bad luck. So do as the locals and make your toast with wine. For Italians, putting a hat on a bed is unlucky — perhaps because it is associated with death. Be careful when you sit down to a meal in Italy. You managed to not sit down at a table of 13 people in Italy but beware — if you are single, you still need to think where you are going to sit to avoid bad luck.

    Avoid sitting at the corner of a table in Italy because it means you will not marry.

    Top 10 Italian superstitions - Wanted in Rome

    The superstition may have its roots in times when both items were expensive and considered luxuries, so the idea that spilling them would bring bad luck may have made people just that bit more careful when handling them. Singles also need to be careful when anyone starts cleaning the house. In some countries, people touch or knock on wood to avoid tempting fate.

    In Italy, the practice of tocca ferro , or touch iron, serves the same purpose.

    Italian Superstitions

    One way to help ensure good luck comes your way in Italy is to wear a cornicello charm resembling a red pepper. If you want to ward off bad luck then you can make le corna , or the sign of the horns. To make the sign, extend your index and little fingers while holding down your middle and ring fingers with your thumb, and point your hand downwards.

    Why 17 is an Unlucky Number for Italians and Other Italian Superstitions

    Be careful to point downwards because if you make the sign holding your hand upwards it signifies that someone is a cuckold and you could give offence unwittingly. Skip to main content. Top 13 Italian Superstitions. Carol King Thursday, October 31, -