Life and Times of the Messengers

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Sometimes, the order allows for a few more minutes of waiting at home, to go back into my own little world for a little while — only to be brutally ripped out of dozing off by the dispatchers. But then, at the latest, you dive back in: into the maze, the chaos, the wilderness of the big city traffic. The first pick-up brings me right into the city centre. So I swim quietly along in the morning traffic toward the centre, enjoy the first sunbeams and notice how my head switches from tiredness and hangover mode to concentration, focus and attention.

Anywhere and at anytime, obstacles are lurking: the tired police officers who cross the street blindly, the stressed-out student who sprints frantically for the tram station, or the aggravated commuters, who are too late, as always, and want to make use of the gap in the traffic. All these factors can only be recognised and controlled through defensive driving, farsightedness and anticipation, and that extra bit of experience ensures that you can even turn such situations into elegant and almost graceful biking manoeuvres. And then it comes. So I dig into the pedals, and just before the third pick-up, it rings again:.

You know that you can rely on each other. After the handover and a little chitchat with Jo, I get going to deliver my two orders, wriggling my way fluidly out of town through the halting downtown traffic. After the pick-up in the suburbs, I look at the clock, gasping for air — another 22 minutes left over, that worked out all right!

A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles

So on to the first delivery to Mozartgasse number… crap, forgot the building number. A little attention test for the readers: How many packages do I have right now in my bag? After a while, though, you need the notepad less and less. A person learns it all very quickly. Little by little, the map also becomes a silent companion, and you only need it for private addresses far outside of the downtown area.

We Are Messengers - Maybe It's Ok (Official Music Video)

Especially with regular customers, eventually only the name is needed, because it automatically stores all the other information along in it. All said and done. Driving a delivery bike can be a curse and a blessing. After switching bikes, the trip back and the pick-up, I get 2 more orders, one right in the direction of downtown and the other one on the other side of the city. Both two full folders have been ordered as regular deliveries. Then, the rest of the day ripples along on its own. There are days when everything fits right in together.

The orders come in at just the right time, so that even urgent express trips can easily be combined with other orders and still nothing gets stale. The film's frame rate was increased from 24 cadres per second to 30 cadres per second for the movement to be more smooth. To clear the controversies attached with the project, Majidi said, "The film contains no controversies and no differences between the Shia and the Sunni points of view.

The post-production works began in Munich by the October However, objections were raised on the film's release due to inclusion of a jury member and his film. In a press conference, a spokesman for the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance , Hossein Nooshabadi answered, "I think the films produced about the life of Prophet Muhammad by other filmmakers so far, have a lot of flaws and faults and for the first time in Iranian cinema, such an exemplary work in the Muslim world has been produced by Majid Majidi as a Muslim and professional filmmaker.

However, the screening was cancelled citing technical difficulties [24] [27] with the audio of the film. On 12 February , the film was screened for filmmakers, journalists and film critics at Farhang Theater Hall in Tehran.

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The film met with widespread [ citation needed ] criticism prior to its theatrical release, originating from Sunni Arab countries. According to the University, the film describes debasing of the sanctity of messengers from God.

The film stands a mockery of the Prophet and a degradation of his status. Mostafa Seyedabadi states that the color and lighting in the film was "astonishing". His film is intellectually honest, committed and poetic.

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And it doesn't help that the characters remain cardboard cutouts of historical figures, never attaining any psychological or emotional life. The film score is composed by A. It took six months for A. The producers of the film have planned two sequels that would complete the trilogy of films. The first would focus on Muhammad's life from his teenage years to his 40s. The next one would depict life after his 40s until when he ultimately becomes the Prophet of Islam.

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I Am the Messenger

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