Luthers Ambassadors : A Tudor mystery (The Priedeux Mysteries Book 2)

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White of Broad st. A short time previous, the men of the River Plaza Community club, under the leadership of C. Judson Bic-ren, dub president, had put a concrete floor fn the basement of the clubhouse. Bloren treated the men who assisted with the floor job to a clam chowder supper. Henry Vlnlng planned to start building his new house on the Shrewsbury rd.

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Charles Wlrth of Deal, aged 7, died at Long Branch hospital from njuries received in a collision with the bicycle he was riding and an automobile driven by a New York resident. For many years Mr. Wirth was an active - member of the Oakhurst Methodist church.

When Mrs. William S. England of Tinton Falls returned home from Asbury Park, she was surprised by a group of friends who had gathered at her home to celebrate her birthday.. When Miss Wixon escaped from Nanking, she got away with only the clothing she had on and a wristwatch. William, Buchanan of Red Bank, who purchaaed the Fair Haven Boatworks a short time previous, broke his arm while crank- ng the engine on a motor boat. Henry Roland of Cleveland, who called himself the "Human Fly", was scheduled to climb -up the front of the Broad Street bank building and sit on a chair balanced on the edge of the coping.

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Series: Priedeux mysteries

Gregory of Broad at. Arthur V. Gregory and daughter Elaine of Waverly pi.

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  • Novels of the Late 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries in Europe:.
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    Timothy plants make luxuriant root development n soils adapted to the growing of these vine crops. Bon Voyage. Party For Mrs. Van nwegcn of Little Silver. Van nwegon will leave Aug. The luncheon was held on the Rutberg porch where foreign dishes of food were served. Van nwegen, former president of the Red Bank Woman's club, received a gift from those present, She was also entertained at a luncheon bridge the week before by Mrs, Cromwell Watson where a special recording with bon voyage greetings were played.

    Guests were Mrs, Cromwell Watson, Mrs. Philip Walton, Mrs. Carbin, Mrs. Martha Manning, Mrs. Walter McDougal, Mrs. Matilda Weilbacher, Mrs. Herbert Scott, Mrs.

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