Meditation and the Bible

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Most of the mental problems, failure, and conflicts in our lives are simply results of faulty beliefs.

Isaiah 26:3

While we should do good and not sin, we cannot do these things by our own efforts. God has provided a way in which He accomplishes these things in us with His strength and for His glory, rather than through our own strength. Nowhere in these verses—or in the rest of Scripture—is there even the intimation of resisting sin in day-to-day life by our own strength! There is no command to love, serve, evangelize, or disciple apart from Christ and His words being alive in us.

Mike Davis is an experienced teacher and counselor. As the director of the International Ministerial Institute in Burnet, Texas, he disciples young men who are preparing for involvement in full-time Christian ministry.

What the Bible Says About Meditation

Hi Dr. Davis I had a encounter of meditation in a church that I attended just to clarify God only wants for us to mediate in his word The bible? I believe one of the main ways is through meditation on the Word. When you meditate on the written Word you are communing and fellowshipping with the Living Word Jesus Christ!

If we were to be really honest I think we would all have to say that we often focus on ourselves.

What Is Meditation? - Life, Hope & Truth

Our meditations are often full of self and not the Word of God. We think about our desires, our goals, and our passions. With the preoccupation we all often have with self how do we ever get our eyes off of self? We need to have our mind transformed. In Romans 12 we read that we are not to be conformed to this world but rather we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. He could have been looking for direction on how to handle what he was facing, or he might have been simply seeking comfort from whatever the stress of the moment was. The Bible is a guide for life, for everything and anything that life throws at us.

Meditation in the Bible

That is another way to use meditation. It is commonly known that directing your thinking on a specific behavior can change your habits. For example, basketball players who repeatedly picture making a play or a shot successfully can improve their game significantly. Many people wrestle with sinful habits that they need to replace with behavior that is acceptable to God. Thinking about the meaning, the value and the application of these guideposts for life, as well as picturing yourself putting them into practice, will help you mature spiritually.

1. Meditation begins with thinking on Scripture.

Lastly, concentrating your mind on a single spiritual value or a beautiful aspect of creation will help free your mind and body of stress. A park, a hiking trail, a garden or a place with a view of the sunrise or sunset might be where you can meditate easily.

What does meditation mean in the Bible? How can I practice Biblical meditation?

Or, as mentioned above about David, maybe the quiet of your bed late at night would be a haven for you. Undoubtedly, you will find more than one place that lends itself to meditation if you look for it. So, what is meditation?

Meditation for spiritual reasons is a healthy and necessary practice with many benefits when practiced as taught in the Bible. He works with the responses to questions our readers send to this website. Continue Reading. But is this what the Bible means?

Abide Guided Bible Meditation for Sleep: Alone With GOD - 3 Hours Peaceful Prayers & Promises

What is meditation in the Bible? It was obviously a highly stressful time in his life.

He had been falsely accused of treason. In verse 6 David speaks of meditating during sleepless nights, as he thought deeply about how God always provides for those who search Him out.