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In the midst of an affordable housing crunch, people are trading privacy for a place to live. The Nielsen report on Black consumerism shows that companies spent less on advertising to the African American community in than in The same medicine can cost two, three, even six times as much as its lowest price at pharmacies only a few miles apart, data from GoodRx show. How is the payment per download calculated?

This is how your commission from premium subscriptions would work: At the end of each day, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per diem" subscription amount. How many files do I need to upload to start earning?

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Can I deactivate my account? Contributor FAQs. Are you up for the challenge? Become a contributor today and turn your hobby into an income. Register now. Licensor wishes to license the Rights as defined below to Company on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement. The License is granted for the term set forth in Article 4.

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In addition, Licensor authorizes the Company to use its name in connection with the exploitation of the Rights. Pursuant to the above License, Company shall have the right, but not the obligation, to license the Licensed Works to the users of Freepik, Flaticon, or any other service, as provided herein and in accordance with their respective terms of use and licenses.

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Terms of use and license in Freepik, Flaticon or any service made available from time to time by the Company, are deemed incorporated into this License by reference. Such licenses to users can be granted for up to the period of duration of the Rights as provided under any applicable law and, therefore, licenses issued by the Company to such users shall remain in full force and effect after termination or expiration of this License.

The Company will determine at its entire discretion which part of the Licensed Works will be made available to premium users i.

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The Company may inform the Licensor of the determination made for the Licensed Works in any manner it deems appropriate including without limitation by making part of the Licensed Works only available to premium users in the websites. In case applicable Law permits it, Licensor irrevocably and unconditionally waives in favour of Company any and all moral rights in the Licensed Works Licensor may have. Licensor agrees and declares that Company will be and remain at all times unrestricted in its freedom to exploit in its discretion all Rights as stated in the License, whether through Freepik, Flaticon or any other mean, without any obligation to Licensor.

Company is not obliged to use any Licensed Work in any specific manner or at all on the Freepik or Flaticon service and can remove it from such services for any reason at any time. The Company shall be entitled to commercially exploit the Licensed Work in all media whether electronic or otherwise at any time and Licensor shall not be entitled to any further payment or royalty except for the Remuneration. Licensor will execute or procure the execution of all such documents as may be reasonably necessary to achieve, perfect or confirm the License.

It is agreed that all income taxes applicable on payments effected by the Company to the Contributor shall be borne by the Contributor and will be deducted from any Royalties payable to the Contributor according to the terms of the present Agreement taking into account any Double Taxation Agreement that may be applicable in this case.

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Contributor shall keep updated its tax registration and other information with the Company whenever there is a change in circumstances that could impact the taxation or delivery of royalty payments i. Licensor undertakes that the Licensed Works shall not contain any material unlawful to use by Company under the License and shall not contain any third party copyright material or material subject to third party proprietary rights including privacy and image rights and privacy rights over voice recordings , unless Licensor has been duly authorized from the relevant owner of rights or is otherwise legally entitled to use such material and to grant the License.

The latter exception shall not apply to any Licensed Works which include the image or the voice of any individual, in which case, Licensor shall always have obtained prior written releases from the relevant individuals, a copy of which shall be provided to Company upon request. Licensor shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all required written authorizations, consent and releases necessary for the use and exploitation of the Licensed Works by Company in accordance with the License. Licensor shall bear all costs relating to all participation and residual fees payable to third parties resulting from the use of the Licensed Works under the License, including all payments that may be required under collective bargaining.

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Licensor declares the use of the Licensed Works under the License is not subject to any fee or authorization by collecting societies. Remuneration In consideration of the License of Rights under this Agreement, Company shall pay i the Remuneration for the Premium Licensed Works corresponding to the number of downloads of the Premium Licensed Works as stated in the Specific Conditions; if the same user makes more than one download of the same Premium Licensed Work, only one download shall be counted for this purpose; and ii the Remuneration for the Non-Premium Licensed Works corresponding to Licensor for the number of downloads of each Non-Premium Licensed Work as stated in the Specific Conditions; if the same user makes more than one download of the same Non-Premium Licensed Work, only one download shall be counted for this purpose.

Any payment will be conditional on receipt or production by the Company of a valid invoice complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Licensor shall not be entitled to any further payment. For the purposes of calculating the Remuneration for the Premium Licensed Works, the net revenues generated by each download of Premium Licensed Works shall be determined by the Company in each calendar month by dividing a the total net revenue actually received by the Company from subscription fees paid by premium users of the relevant website in that calendar month and b the total number of downloads completed in the relevant website by all premium users in such calendar month.

Any notification in the account of the Licensor for Freepik, Flaticon or any other service managed by Company shall be deemed as a notice for the purposes herein. The Remuneration shall be paid as provided in 3. Upon the occurrence of any of the above circumstances Licensor waives any right to make any claim against the Company for any accrued amount under the minimum payment. Company shall issue the invoice once the Licensor has accepted the report and the issuance of the invoice through its Account and the issued invoice shall become available for the Licensor in its Account.

The invoices shall be issued as stated by applicable regulations. We became so close over the past four years that when I let her go, we felt affection as well as relief, says Guardian columnist Emma Brockes. September verdict.

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Each month we look at key indicators to see what effect the Brexit process has had on growth, prosperity and trade. Published: AM. Lady Hale pulled pints? Sam's smart buys Five of the best mobile phones — whatever your budget. Number of empty shops in UK at highest level for five years.