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On the other hand, migrating across lines of latitude, north to south, involves adapting to new climates. Given this notion, genetic analysis might reveal greater differences among human populations north to south than east to west within continents, says population geneticist Sohini Ramachandran at Brown University. If migration is harder across lines of latitude than longitude, then populations would be more isolated north to south, giving them more chances to diversify compared with one another. To see if this was the case, Ramachandran and her colleague Noah Rosenberg at Stanford University analyzed genetic variation data in genetic markers from 68 populations.

This included data from 39 populations from Eurasia—including Europe, southern and central Asia, and the Middle East—collected from the Human Genome Diversity Cell Line Panel , along with 29 populations from Native American groups, such as the Cree, Ojibwa, Maya and Zapotec, gathered by former collaborators of the researchers. The researchers measured how distant or divergent each population was from one another in terms of both mileage and genetic variation.

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They discovered more genetic differences north to south in the Americas than over comparable distances east to west in Eurasia, findings detailed online September 13 in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. It's nice for me to see the field of human population genetics maturing out of the who-begat-who phase and into investigating these larger questions. In the Americas distance north to south explained a good deal of genetic variation.

Distance east to west did so as well, although to a lesser extent. This is probably due to the diagonal northwest-southeast positions that North and South America have in relation to each other, respectively. One potential caveat regarding these findings is that culture and technology could spread from one population to another without them otherwise intermingling and sharing genes, Ramachandran says.

The mythology of the East-West divide | Eurozine

As such, although they found evidence that changes in latitude could impede genetic flow, it might not necessarily impair cultural or technological flow. Future research could go into even finer detail when it comes to ancient obstacles to migrations, including mountain ranges and other physical barriers as well as social barriers such as marriage practices or language differences, Ramachandran suggests. Further studies could also look at the impact of patterns of genetic variations on health, Long adds. Choi Charles Q. Researchers have a theory as to why that might be the case.

A slowdown in the German economy in the third quarter has raised recession fears. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier thinks a package of tax cuts and other measures are needed to shore up future economic growth. With Germany's political mainstream under fire, coal is becoming a hot-button issue in the East. Regional leaders say that unless they get billions in extra funds, the far right will exploit changes in energy policy. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil said the working conditions were "shameful.

The chancellor said much has been achieved since the two Germanys were reunited in Ahead of German Unity Day, Angela Merkel called for equal living conditions between the east and the rest of the country. On the 29th anniversary of reunification, Angela Merkel said more work is needed to create equal conditions between Germany's east and west. Politicians gathered in Kiel to mark this year's German Unity Day. Populism is having its moment around the world — to the chagrin of many artists.

The shake-up of the political landscape in Saxony and Brandenburg is already impacting cultural institutions in eastern Germany. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting.

COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. News Eastern Germany still lags, three decades after reunification: study A new study reveals that productivity and wages in the east are 20 percent lower than in the west. Falling production suggests weakening economy in Germany.

The mythology of the East-West divide

Germany logs lowest unemployment rate since reunification. Eastern Europeans filling hundreds of thousands of new German jobs Hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Germany are being done by workers from Eastern Europe, according to government figures. East Germany: It's not just the economy, stupid!

Germany's east 10 times more unsafe for asylum-seekers Asylum applicants in Germany's eastern states are far more likely to be the victims of hate crime than those in the west, according to a study. German economy minister moots tax cuts amid slowing economy A slowdown in the German economy in the third quarter has raised recession fears. DW's top stories by email.