Standing on my Knees: Establishing a lifeline of prayer

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Advent Store. Advent Candles. Advent Studies. Advent Calendars. Evangelism Resources. Children's Books. Save to List. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like Add to Basket Go to Basket. This engaging book on prayer is no exception. He insists he is not an 'expert' in prayer and has some self-deprecating stories to prove it. But as he walks us through the Lord's Prayer, phrase by phrase, the practical suggestions he offers obviously flow out of his life-long experience. No problem!

Standing on My Knees

Just click here to ask us about Standing on My Knees. Publisher's Description Jeff Lucas turns his hallmark wit and candour on ten myths that hinder our prayer life. Describing his book as an 'alternative prayer manual', Jeff offers a wealth of practical suggestions to help Christians of all ages and stages to develop a stronger one-on-one relationship with the Almighty.

He is open about his own struggles in this area, and writes with clarity and compassion about an aspect of the life of faith that many of us find difficult. First published in , this book is now thoroughly revised and updated. Jeff says: 'The core message is the same, but ten years on I am writing from a different part of the wood.

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I am not sure I am wiser, but I am certainly more experienced - and continue to believe that if we get our prayer habits right, the rest of life is more likely to fall into place. He is author of more than 20 books, and a highly popular speaker. Access to our Creator through our Savior is surely one of the great privileges and blessings of our lives. I have learned from countless personal experiences that great is the power of prayer.

No earthly authority can separate us from direct access to our Creator. There can never be a mechanical or electronic failure when we pray. There is no limit on the number of times or how long we can pray each day. There is no quota of how many needs we wish to pray for in each prayer. We do not need to go through secretaries or make an appointment to reach the throne of grace.

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He is reachable at any time and any place. When God placed man on the earth, prayer became the lifeline between mankind and God. Each of us has problems that we cannot solve and weaknesses that we cannot conquer without reaching out through prayer to a higher source of strength.

That source is the God of heaven to whom we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. What is a prayer?

Second, it is a sincere confession of sin and transgression and a request for forgiveness. Third, it is recognition that we need help beyond our own ability. Fourth, it is an opportunity to express thanksgiving and gratitude to our Creator. Many prayers are spoken while we are on our knees. Indeed, sincerity requires that we draw from the earnest feelings of our hearts when we pray rather than using vain repetitions or pretentious affectations such as those condemned by the Savior in the parable of the Pharisee and the publican.

Establishing a lifeline of prayer

Jeremiah counsels us to pray with all our heart and soul. However, in times of great personal hurt or need, more may be required than mere asking. For example, at times fasting is appropriate as a strong evidence of our sincerity. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit. We are privileged to pray daily for the small and great concerns in our lives.

Consider the words of Amulek, who admonished us to pray in our fields over our flocks; in our houses over our households, morning, midday, and evening; to pray against the power of our enemies and the devil; to cry unto Him over our crops; to pour out our souls in secret and in the wilderness. When we are not crying directly unto God, we should let our hearts be drawn out in prayer unto Him continually.

God knows our needs better than we can state them, 15 but He wants us to approach Him in faith to ask for blessings, safety, and comfort. I hasten to say I was not a hero. But I did my duty. I endured and survived.

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I was assigned to a British liberty ship sailing from San Francisco to Suez. I was on that ship for 83 consecutive days except for a brief stop in Auckland, New Zealand. I was the only member of our faith on board.

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Amid the howling of the wind, I would read the scriptures, pray, and sing all by myself. I did not try to bargain with the Lord, but I did pray fervently that if I could survive the war and go home to my wife and family, I would earnestly try to remain true to the sacred covenants I had made at baptism, to the oath and covenant of the priesthood, and to my temple vows.

As part of our tour of duty, our little cargo ship was ordered to tow a large, burned-out oil tanker into Auckland, New Zealand.