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Digital delivery to your. There are some players who can serve very well in practice and obviously do all the right exercises for increasing the power of the serve. But once they get on the court, their technique falls apart. The serve, more than any other shot, is a confidence shot. If you are confident, you can serve well and the rest of your game can follow.

You must learn to love your serve. Visualize hitting the corners with great speed. See yourself hitting extremely heavily spinning serves that curve far away from your opponent or curve into his body and jam his return. If that is too unrealistic, then just keep imagining the best serves you hit in practice and see yourself hitting these serves time and time again in your matches.

Unlike all other shots in tennis, the serve is entirely all up to you. If you know deep inside that you have done all you can to make it as good as possible, you will be giving yourself the greatest chance to play to the best of your abilities. If you want to play like the PROS, then you need to have the game.

Check out our Tennis Ebooks and be on the way to improving all of your tennis strokes without the trial and error.

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  • Click Here to Improve Your Tennis. Login Register. Tennis Serve Exercises and Drills Tennis serve exercises and drills are practiced in order to improve the tennis serve. Just one tennis serve exercise can make a big difference. Tennis serve exercises and drills are practiced in order to improve the tennis serve. Just one tennis serve exercise can make a big difference in improving the tennis serve.

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    Tennis Serve Exercises to Develop the Critical Muscle Groups Tennis serve exercises should help in developing all the muscle groups along this kinetic chain. Tennis Serve Exercises 2: Shoulder and Arm Exercises Tennis serve exercises for the arm include bicep curls and tricep extensions for basic strength.

    Tennis Serve Exercises 3: Resistance Bands Aside from free weights, strength can be increased by using machines, like the cable machine. Tennis Serve Exercises 4: Throwing Exercises After having worked out the upper body for strength, you can now do exercises for power. Tennis Serve Exercises 5: Core Strengthening for the Serve There are actually no specific tennis serve exercises for the core muscle group which includes the abdominals, obliques and lower back because exercises for this area are useful for all tennis strokes including the serve.

    Tennis Serve Exercises 6: Lower Body Training For the hips and legs, basic strength is built up by doing squats, calf raises and knee extensions. Tennis Serve Exercise 7: Barbell Weight Lifting Exercises When you are sufficiently fit and strong enough, you can add even more difficult tennis serve exercises to increase power.

    Tennis Serve Exercises and Drills

    Tennis Serve Exercises 8: Flexibility Tennis serve exercises should not just be all about strength and power but also about flexibility. Tennis Serve Exercises 9: Mental Visualization Exercises Mental exercises with visualization techniques should also be done to improve the serve. Improve Your Tennis Technique Now! Home How it works? Follow us on. I disagree and always work on jump training with my students.

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    • The leg drive should be actively developed and can be enhanced with proper training, especially at a young age. Players need to practice loading the back leg and pushing up aggressively from the ground, hitting the ball while in midair, and landing inside the court on the front leg. When jumping, players should be careful not to lose their balance or posture while airborne. In addition, players need to maintain that critical sideways position during the jump through impact and then allow the body to uncoil more fully post-impact.

      Most players with good Kickers finish with the elbow high and the arm very relaxed. All jokes aside though, the position is important because it reveals whether the arm, especially the lower arm, was loose and quick during the acceleration phase. Many players will finish rather abruptly on the right side of their bodies. This can be done safely, however, I prefer to see a finish towards the left side because it takes less stress off the arm, especially for young children. A Kicker can be used as a first serve too—not just as a second delivery. I like to tell my students that the Kick Serve and the forehand are like a brother and sister, or cousins.

      Phys Ed: How to Fix a Bad Tennis Shoulder

      They are family and go together like peanut butter and jelly. Players should be taught to actively setup an aggressive forehand with a good Kicker. The Surprise kicker is a Topspin Serve that goes to the forehand instead of the backhand, which is typically the target. I teach my players to toss the ball slightly left—over their shoulders—to fool their opponents and make them think they are going to the backhand—but then to hit the Surprise Kicker at the last possible moment—catching the returner off guard. A basket of balls per session is more than enough.

      The Kick Serve can be a stressful movement on the shoulder and the back, especially for young children. Players should be limited to a safe amount each day and rest days should be included in every practice week. The toss should not be too extreme to the left side of the body. A toss too extreme can cause injury by hyperextending the lower back lumbar spine and putting the shoulder in a precariously weak position. Remember: Thoracic extension, or bending of the upper back, is safer than lumbar extension.