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All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators. Share this generator. The Dwarves would have dressed like something out of a '30s era Soviet propaganda poster and built mecha golems. The Duergar have limited Psychic Powers and have a grim, humorless society based around slave labor and constant toil.

Dark Sun Athas's Dwarves play this straight, except for few noticeable differences. They're completely hairless, and they have a tradition of working toward short- and long-term goals that only they know of. The Uvandir of Wicked Fantasy basically turn the typical dwarf stereotypes up a notch or three and play it for some mild Black Comedy. They seem to be a One-Gender Race , but the truth is that they're actually genderless Artificial Humanoids psionically shaped from stone — this incidentally makes them a Dying Race because the free Uvandir don't know how to make new ones.

They're inherently able to communicate with each other non-verbally, so they hate talking to excess and see it as the mark of a fool, which is why they don't get on so well with other races. They're rude and gruff because they're actually very emotionally sensitive, and are prone to attacks of melancholy so intense they can end up permanently reverting to stone if they get too depressed, and so they try to avoid forming attachments with the shorter-lived races.

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Warhammer Fantasy : Played about as straight as it comes, though Warhammer Dwarfs are most definitely Dwarfs and not Dwarves. Female Dwarfs in Warhammer are not bearded, but tend to look like plump, braid-haired viking maidens straight out of a Wagner opera. That said, they do have some eccentricities: Dwarfs don't tend to speak with a Scottish accent, but with a thick Yorkshire accent — the ubiquitous English stereotype of Yorkshiremen being that they are gruff, grumpy mining folk with a strong disdain for soft southerners and their airy-fairy ways and it is no accident that Warhammer's Elves speak just like those refined and aristocratic upper-class southerners.

Even the other Dwarfs can't understand him half the time. Their technological superiority is also notable. These Dwarfs have guns. No Fantasy Gun Control here! And cannons. And helicopters. And Ironclad submarines. They also have the "love for alcohol" base covered. They have ale that is so filled with nutrients that they can literally survive on it alone.

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Bonus points to the fact that they distill their helicopter fuel from it! There's also their most defining trait: Their hat is Revenge Before Reason. Dwarfs nurse a grudge like a human would nurse a family heirloom — in fact, many dwarf Grudges are family heirlooms, passed down through generations. All dwarfholds keep a big book called the Book of Grudges, and if you ever wrong a dwarf from that hold, they write that wrong down in the book and remember it.

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Grudges all have set standards for fulfillment, usually disproportionately high, and Dwarfs will never stop until it is repaid. Classic example: a White Dwarf Dwarf vs. Empire battle report that resulted in heavy casualties for both sides was justified by a backstory that explained why the Dwarfs were attacking: Six years ago, an Empire lord underpaid the Dwarf workers who built the castle by two and a half pennies — as far as the lord and sane real-life human beings are concerned, it's simply a matter of a few missing coins, but to the Dwarfs, you have cheated them out of money, and for that, you must die.

Common consensus of Dwarf society only aired by elves and humans when safely out of dwarf earshot is that they're driving themselves to extinction pursuing centuries-old wrongs. Dwarf tendencies towards Serious Business and honour also leads to the quirk of the Slayer. What does a Dwarf do if he or she is shamed or dishonoured such as failing to uphold a grudge, failing to not treat something as seriously as it should be treated, or producing shoddy work that injures or fails another Dwarf?


They become shamed in the eyes of Dwarf society and become Slayers, walking out into the wilderness with nothing on but a pair of pants and a mohawk to find the biggest, meanest beasties and hopefully die trying to kill them. Some of the most or least successful Slayers are veteran warriors who have killed everything from demonic personifications of primal rage to dragons the length of football pitches. And they do all this because honor demands it. The only alternative to being a Slayer is being a submarine crewman: Dwarfs hate and fear water with unrivaled fervor. The majority choose to become Slayers.

Interestingly, while the individual Dwarf in Warhammer is fairly slow it's the little legs , Dwarf infantry is effectively among the fastest in the game. This is because the game mechanics say that you can't march read: move at double your normal speed when there are enemies within 8".

Dwarfs, by virtue of being Determinators , can ignore that rule, and effectively always march. Apart from when they charge. The result is that army of short bearded guys is going to tactically outmaneuver you by landing their gyrocopters 7" behind your lines and so suddenly everyone but your cavalry is being outpaced. In a way this is not the case in-universe. To the humans of the Empire, Dwarfs have an extremely conservative and homogeneous culture, but in truth, each Karak has its own unique cultural quirks.

The Dwarfs of Barak Varr for instance are actually quite progressive and friendly because their Karak is built into a cliff on the coast as opposed to an isolated mountain, and Barak Varr is a major maritime and trade hub so the dwarfs here interact with other races often; the now-extinct "Norse Dwarfs" of Kraka Drak on the other hand were isolated in Norsca away from the main Dwarf centres in the Old World for thousands of years, and as such not only were they lagging behind technologically but their language and culture were practically unrecognisable to any Dwarf from an Old World Karak, and they were much more grim and warlike because of their constant battles with the forces of Chaos.

The Dwarf War

Finally, there's the Warhammer take on Evil Counterpart dwarfs. The Chaos Dwarfs Dawi-Zharr , a subfaction whose aesthetics were based on ancient Mesopotamia: Diabolical, slave-driving fascists worshipping a Chaos God in the form of a bull, led by evil warlocks addicted to Black Magic , which gradually turned their bodies to stone. While they've been always been part of the lore, their army list and models were dropped by Games Workshop after 5th edition due to a lack of sales.

Chaos Dwarfs still appeared as warmachine crew for Chaos armies in later editions, but sadly missing their traditional magnificent hats. The Forge Fathers in Warpath are space dwarves through and through. A race of miners and industrialists with very advanced technology that decks their soldiers in Power Armor and builds stompy Mini-Mecha. Not much is known about them, though, mostly because they are very secretive and determined.

The Dwarfs of Kings of War come in two forms the Dwarfs who are very much Tolkien Dwarves with cannons and badger cavalry. Unlike most Dwarf civilizations who are either declining or staying underground, these Dwarfs take an expansionist path. Then there's their evil counterparts the Abyssal Dwarfs, who have thralls and dwarf mutants in their armies. They are composed of the elements of earth and fire, have beards, are expert craftsmen and miners, live in the mountains, wield axes, and wear horned helms Oh, and their cavalry ride on giant lizards and mammoths, just for a change of pace.

The now-defunct Mage Knight miniatures game had standard Tolkien-y dwarves.

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All male, all bearded, all craftsmen and miners some not by choice , and their craftiness led to literal Steam Punk tech such as Steam mecha Golems and steam-powered mounts. There are some differences from the standard model here. They are actually shorter -lived than humans, an elderly dwarf being about 30, and they play up the resistance to magic.

They were actually forced by The Empire of Atlantis into slavery, mining for magic Phlebotinum because they were immune to the deadly radiation. They joined the Black Powder Rebels in order to free their comrades from this slavery. Changeling: The Lost has the Wizened, humans who were made to work as the Gentry's craftsmen and servants. Like dwarves, there's usually something "diminished" about them sometimes size, sometimes muscle, sometimes social presence , they tend to be cranky see "diminished social presence" , and they're very, very good with crafts.

Winterweir 's Bathas are evil sociopathic slavers but still live underground and have an interest in wealth. They also invent things.

The Dwarf, the Prince, and the Diamond in the Mountain

As a generic system, GURPS can potentially handle any sort of dwarf — but its writers have mostly stuck to the established standard. Most adults have at least one point worth of personal "signature gear". However, some details mostly concerning dwarf women were left unspecified, meaning that players could form their own conclusions. Burning Wheel not only plays straight dwarf stereotypes but even builds upon the tale of Moria from The Lord of the Rings by working an attribute called "Greed" into the rule system: all dwarves are covetous.

They get bonuses to rolls made in the pursuit of wealth.

However, if the Greed attribute reaches its maximum through indulgence of the vice, the dwarf hides himself away with his hoard of goods in paranoid seclusion, never to be seen again.