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The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney: | Books

Get Known if you don't have an account. I rule. Hero: Why is the Demon King a woman? Demon King: It's a traditional title. I can't help it A filler episode of Naruto has a princess masquerading as her brother, the king. Unusual in that she could've taken the throne under her own name from day one and does by the end , but switched places with her dead brother so she could figure out who murdered him.

Comic Books. Wonder Woman : The Sangtee Emperor is a woman in disguise. Within the Empire women cannot be citizens and female kreel are hidden away and raised to disguise themselves and only allowed into society when they can reliably play the part of a man. Women of any of the conquered or other races in the Empire are enslaved and shipped to the border planets to work in mines instead.

Fairy Tales. Some translations of The Fisherman and His Wife say that the wife wished to become a king, then an emperor and then pope, the latter of which is actually restricted to women rather than a queen or an empress. Others avert this, saying she wished for her husband to be these things. This was the concept behind one of the earliest filmed versions of Hamlet. Hamlet, played by Asta Nielson, is a girl being raised as a boy so that she will inherit the throne on her father's death. This repression is the source of much of the young prince's famous angst, besides the true reason why "he" rejects Ophelia.

In fact, Hamlet is in love with Horatio, who doesn't know the truth until it's too late to reciprocate. In Mercedes Lackey 's By the Sword , it's mentioned that the current Son of the Sun, leader of theocratic Karse, is a woman pretending to be a man, including wearing a faux mustache.

Discworld : Technically happens in Guards! Traditionally, all dwarves are assumed to be male, so presumably many secret females have taken the title of Low King. A common occurence in Enchanted Forest Chronicles with regards to the Dragon King, as demonstrated when the female Kazul wins the title. There is a position titled Dragon Queen, but the spot has been vacant for centuries, presumably due to it being a tedious, paperwork heavy job with little actual impact on dragon society.

The legendary Pope Joan , who, it was claimed, lived in the 9th century, disguised herself as a man and reigned as Pope "John" for a few years until she was exposed as a woman when she gave birth on horseback. Video Games. In Soulcalibur Legends , The Masked Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire is actually a woman, despite having a granted, rather effeminate male voice with the mask on.

You'd think gendered pronouns would give it away, but she always refers to herself as we. It gets weird when she says things like "Don't tell anyone that we are a woman. Visual Novels. She was pretending to be a male King Arthur, but according to the narrator, most people in her inner circle besides Merlin and "Arthur"'s official wife, Guinevere, who both already knew either realized or at least suspected that she is a girl, they just chose to ignore it.

Arturia was prophesied to become king, but due to the sexism and misogyny of Ancient Britain, she had to disguise as a man to prevent the hysterics that would arise if a woman became king. Arthur is seen as The Good King , but these fears eventually prove to be correct: Agravain finds out during the Lancelot-Guinevere affair and spreads the word, which is enough to fuel Mordred's rebellion against Arturia and subsequently leads to the fall of Camelot.

And Lord Dearche is always referred as "king" by other people. Nanoha and Fate's Devices call them "Master" and "Sir", respectively. Chrono's device uses the gender-neutral "boss".

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Fate: That's "ma'am! In the Aquaman mini-series, the underwater kingdom of Thierna Na Oge is ruled by females that assume the title of kings — Nuada Silverhand was its previous king before her sister Bres took over. The use of "sir" as a unisex form of address in Mildly Military organizations is creeping through the Marvel Universe, most likely due to semi-conscious osmosis from Star Trek see below.

The Hellfire Club has always used chess motifs to indicate rank. The King is in charge, the Queen acts as his Lancer and wears one-fifth the clothing, and the Rook and Bishop are high-ranked minions. When former White Queen Emma Frost returned and took over following a split with the X-Men, she took the title Black King to let everyone know who was in charge.

Fan Works. In A Brief History of Equestria this happens to Princess Platinum — as the only child of King Aurum in the patriarchal Kingdom of Unicorns, theoretically her father's death would have started a civil war among the members of the Deadly Decadent Court. To prevent this, Aurum exploited the Exact Words of the law, pointing out that "says that the queen cannot rule. This is due to a nerubian queen who can't tell the difference between genders of other races and a troll's decision to combine her titles of Lady and King.

Only once is it ever brought up that she should be the Lich Queen. Eventually, even Jaina refers to herself as the Lich King such as when Uther mentions that his men remember the action attached to her title.

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Jaina: Which, my title of Lady or my title of King? And their leader is called the Pirate King, also regardless of gender, as demonstrated when Elizabeth Swann gets the dubious honor. A variation of this trope in Beasts of the Southern Wild wherein Wink insists that his daughter Hushpuppy is going to one day be "the king of the Bathtub. Kingsman: The Secret Service : Regardless of the fact that Lancelot is the name of a man, it is Roxy who gets the role.

All members of the service are referred to as Kingsmen, regardless of gender. The word is the Latin ancestor of English "Emperor", and the female form would be "Imperatrix", the ancestor of "Empress". Variant: all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are bred to be females. Including the Tyrannosaurus rex , whose name means " tyrant lizard king ".

The fourth movie also includes a genetic hybrid named Indominus rex "untamed king". Carew" and "Sir". This is done to avoid any fumbling for the correct form of address during a crisis. The same goes for her initial rank. It's always "midship man ", never "midship woman ". The rulers of the Land in the first trilogy of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant are all known as Lords, despite being a gender-mixed group.

In fact, the Land does not seem to recognise any gendered titles at all, at least in the present day - it was ruled by a King and Queen once, but that is ancient history by the start of the series. Discworld : In Pyramids , there's precedent for the royal family of Djelibeybi being able to change sex by decree. She herself declares this. Therefore, female dwarves appear and present as men. Therefore, it is quite likely that half of Dwarven Kings have been female, but no one knows.

Rhys Rhysson makes this observation in the final speech at the end of Raising Steam, before openly declaring herself the first Low-Queen of the Dwarves. Averted with noble titles such as Duke, Count, or Empress, which do get adjusted for gender of their incumbent. In The Enchanted Forest Chronicles , king and queen are unisex titles in dragon society, and apparently quite different in function. When Cimorene, a human princess from a typical medieval fairytale kingdom, asks female dragon Kazul why she takes the title of king rather than queen when she becomes the ruler of dragonkind , Kazul retorts that the perks and duties of the queen of dragons are much less desirable than those of the king.

When this is brought up it's also mentioned that the current queen is male, but he never appears in the series in person.

The Female King of Colonial Nigeria

In the Heralds of Valdemar series, starting partway through the Mage Winds trilogy the High Priest of Vkandis and ruler of the theocracy of Karse is a woman named Solaris, whose title is " Son of the Sun". Having been handpicked very publicly for the position by the Sun God Vkandis Himself seems to have thoroughly overcome the gender barrier that previously existed with regards to the role, but the terminology remains unchanged.

At least once, an emperor failed to produce any male heirs and it looked like there would be a dynastic civil war between his various cousins. Then his sister proclaimed herself to be a man and took the throne, basically daring all her male cousins to object if they thought they could make it stick. They universally declined the offer and, by all accounts, she became one of the empire's longest ruling and most effective leaders since the original Gustav Anderman himself.

A borderline case in that she's only the head of household rather than a monarch occurs in the short story "Obligated Service". An extended family has a lack of males with the legal head of household being an immature teenager since on Grayson only men can be the head of a household.

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  7. One of the female family members is made the official head of the household on the grounds that as a naval officer she is legally a Gentleman. Similar to the Star Trek: Voyager example below, the police in In Death refer to superior officers as sir.

    A Brief History of Georgia's Only Female King

    When he falls in love with her, it's as equals. This is the whole basis of the book Ladylord.

    How do do box braids over dreads -- protective hairstyle for dreads!

    The ruling lord has only daughters, and so names one of them his "son". The title of the book is a reference to the odd style some people use due to her unique situation.

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