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It turns red eventually but is best to eat when green. By far a favourite pepper to pickle and give away. The pods are sweet and fruity. Demand continues. Pods are 4 to 6" long, blunt-ended, and mature to. Dense plants,. Scoville Rating: 10, to 30, Beautiful plant. Many varieties. Ornamental variety of the best. Beautiful black round chillis turn to red. Very hot chilli pepper. This high-appeal, beautiful purple, cream and green foliage chilli plant produces lots of very glossy and hot black fruit.

Its fruits normally ripen as a colour very similar to dark candy apple red. Leaves usually appear in Purple taupe and Camouflage green colour! Calico chilli pepper is a very low maintenance plant and really easy to grow — ideal for beginner gardeners!

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Prolific producer up to 2. Medium heat. Plants tolerate high temperatures and have intermediate resistance to Buckeye-fruit and root rot Pc. The medium tall plants are strong and have the potential to produce very high yields of small to medium sized fruit 7 — 10 x 1 — 1.

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Fruit can be marketed fresh, dried or pickled. What a great plant to own!

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Once mature a habanero. Is very prolific in bearing loads of hot pods! They start out green and once the reach their full.

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  8. The pods will cover almost all of the. Plants get to a height of about 50cm, great for container gardening and is very easy to grow. Thai chili is a chili pepper, a cultivar from the species Capsicum annuum, commonly found in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia. Green to red and is pretty hot. High yield is great for sauces and drying. Very popular in South Africa. From South America. The plant bears round pods of about cm in size. The actual plant can reach a height of 60 cm.

    The name says it all. A large cherry size, color, texture,. This Turkish native pepper comes from. The pepper is relatively thick with very firm flesh. The pods take longer. It can be. The ripe pods. The prolific plant considered large,.

    Very tough skin making this one a great choice. Capsicum Annuum, Schoville heat 20,, The pirate ship in the movie with Johnny Depp is named after it.

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    An award winning little chilli from Mexico. It has. As the pods age. A tasty chilli if you like it being. Beautiful ornamental chilli. Up there with the best. Named after the Greek Goddess with the hair of snakes. Fruit eventually ripens to bright red approximately 75 days after transplanting. The peppers are borne on tall plants which produce an abundance of peppers over a very long season. The plant grows to about 60 cm in a pot and is a great producer of little lantern shaped pods. The pods are cm long and 3 cm wide, start off green and end up a light yellow colour.

    AJI means chilli pepper in Spanish Peru. This beauty will stand out in any garden with its bright yellow lantern shaped pods that get approximately cm long and 3cm wide with the plant growing to a height of 60cm. They have a mild citrusy flavor that is great in salads or with fish sprinkled on top on your dinner or just eat them raw as a snack.

    Hot Hot HOT.

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    Guinness book of records for the biggest chilli ever grown up to 12 inches long. Plant yields thick walled green chillis that are perfect for roasting and stuffing. The fruit is a little larger than your traditional habanero and has a rich smoky flavour. Chilli goes from emerald green to a gorgeous chocolate brown. Mild with a lovely taste. Great for sauces or pickle in long tall bottles. Do not mess with this chilli. Very rare in South Africa.

    Pickled or ornamental in tall bottles. Great for sauces and drying. Hugely popular in South Africa. A big chilli that goes from green to red. Ends up red after starting green.

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    Robust and flavourful. This Moroccan chilli adds heat to any recipe. Dry it and flake it. Looks like a Bishops crown. Starts off green then goes to red. The fruit is also frequently consumed in its unripe form, when the fruit is still green. This pretty ornamental plant bears fruit that resembles confetti. Young peppers emerge green, then march through a wonderful parade of colours—orange, purple, and finally on to a glorious red.

    The fruits are eye-catching, but lack intense heat.

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