The Hedge People :How I Kept My Sanity and Sense of Humor as an Alzheimers Caregiver

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The book is organized around themes of seasonal transition, with each of the four seasons paralleling the various stages of life. The original writings by seventy-two authors representing a great diversity of spiritual traditions range from thoughtful meditations to poignant personal stories, moving poems and meaningful songs.

Each meditation begins with an inspirational quote and ends with a prayer or words of encouragement.

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Richard L. Combine that with grief over the loss of the person you used to know and fear of what is to come and it seems as though life will never see laughter and joy again. But it does. In her collection of true stories, author Louise Carey provides perspective and techniques for treating loved ones with dementia with respect while also finding humor in the often trying situations encountered by the caregiver. Filled with humor, warmth, and encouragement, each chapter includes a caregiver prayer, a leading question for reflection, and space to journal.

Detailing the daily realities and overwhelming responsibilities of caregiving, she sheds intensive light on this national health crisis, using her personal experiences—the mistakes and the breakthroughs—to put a face to an often misunderstood disease. Thirteen years after it was first released, this book remains a classic.

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Originally published in , The Hour Day was the first book of its kind. Years later, with dozens of other books on the market, it remains the definitive guide for people caring for someone with dementia. Now in a new and updated edition, this best-selling book features thoroughly revised chapters on the causes of dementia, managing the early stages of dementia, and finding appropriate and safe living arrangements for the person who has dementia when home care is no longer an option.

A perennial best seller, and for good reason.

Drawing on 60 years of experience as pastor, hospice chaplain, volunteer, and friend to dying persons, Richard Morgan offers perspective and advice to people coping with a family member, friend, or patient who is approaching the time of death. In only 72 pages, Dr. The result is a sense of peace that gives readers confidence as companions to the dying.

It is a book about hope, faith, and humor. Acting on long-term memory and skill coupled with well developed journalistic grit, the author decided to tackle the disease and his imminent decline by writing frankly about his journey. Greg is a master storyteller whose story is unvarnished, wrenching, and soul searching. His wife Ellen has over 25 years experience in healthcare management and teaches at the University of Alabama.

Together they have had 8 close relatives with dementia for whom their immediate families provided care.


Their book is divided into two sections — the first with discussions of common issues and problems, and the second with an alphabetical quick reference of problems and listed responses. This is a perfect format for the often weary and distraught caregiver who has many concerns and little time. The authors suggest that caregivers have two basic needs: affirmation that caregiving is not in vain and reassurance that the lives of those for whom they care are not being lived in vain. They further state that care receivers need more than medical attention; they need tender care, involvement in the community, and a sense of connection with a loving God.

In A Faith of their Own, Chris Folmsbee offers practical tools to keep young people engaged in exploring and experiencing God. Unpack stories found in the Old Testament and see how God transforms us from what we are into what we can be. Learn what it means to be a true Christian leader that not only serves but also is full of grace. Teena M. Stewart Whether you plan to begin a program or want to improve an existing one, Successful Small Groups provides the skills and information needed to approach small-group leadership and development like a seasoned pro.

These Bible studies takes readers on a journey of meaning and understanding. Comprised of four 6-week studies, this course is designed to help individuals and small groups improve their knowledge of the Word of God and move forward in their Christian walk.

In eight discussion-oriented sessions, learn the fundamentals about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin and salvation, the purpose of the church, the sacraments, where the Bible came from, prayer and its importance, and more. Whether readers are new to church or have grown up in one, easy-to-understand language makes this a perfect resource for everyone.

Christianity Adult Faith Connections curriculum provides a biblically based and culturally relevant resource for those wanting to go deeper in their relationship with God. Each session begins with life experience, opens the Word, then moves to real-life application. Leaders and group members will enjoy growing in their faith and learning about God together.

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The Insight Media Series combines insightful book content with stimulating visual instruction to provide a variety of engaging topics for small group study. The Lectio Divina Bible studies apply the ancient tradition of communicating with God through the reading and study of Scripture. Slow down, read Scripture, meditate upon it, and prayerfully respond as you listen to God through his Word. Teach students the basics of English and the basics of the faith at the same time. Basic Bible Studies in Everyday English is an easy-to-understand course in discipleship, specifically designed for people who are learning the language.

At 30 weeks into their pregnancy, Matt and Ginny Mooney were told their child had a genetic disease that made his birth unlikely. If their baby lived, it would be for only hours or perhaps a few days. But Eliot was born and lived 99 days. And every one of those days was a gift that changed his family forever.

The Hedge People: How I Kept My Sanity and Sense of Humor as an Alzheimer's Caregiver

This book will grip you and change you. Jeremy Affeldt San Francisco Giants relief pitcher and two-time World Series champ Jeremy Affeldt is a committed servant against injustice, intent upon leaving a legacy that will last for eternity. Whether helping the trafficked find freedom, the thirsty receive water, or the hungry obtain food, Affeldt uses his voice to demolish the barriers that stand between everyday people and the injustice around them.

As you will read in this book, Jeremy is not defined by baseball. He is defined and validated as a child and follower of the most high God. My hope is that this book will help define and validate you. The Samaritan Project invites readers to engage in a way that will change how they view themselves and others. Learn the importance of story, discover the revealing nature of questions and explore the distance we have created between ourselves and those God has called us to love.

Joining the concepts of monasticism and mission, the authors walk you through six postures of missional formation: listening, submerging, inviting, contending, imagining, and entrusting. As participants begin to employ these postures, they become apprentices of Jesus who are committed to living in and experiencing the thin places. Public Jesus helps expose people to the many opportunities that are all around them to reflect the love of Christ and uncover a religion that is neither private nor personal.

Stephen Lutz translates missional theology to the practice of college ministry as a proactive movement that is constantly adapting to its ever-changing environment. Economy of Love will challenge individuals to join in community, journeying together as they begin to consider a new standard of living—a personal economic threshold oriented not around the size of a monthly paycheck, but around the value of enough.

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Sunday Asylum will not only help you explore what it looks to be a citizen of the kingdom but will encourage you to reassess your own beliefs and motives. Fall Edition: The Cusp Immerse is a theme-driven journal of life, faith, and mission. Created for people insisting on good and faithful cultural realities, this is a magazine for pastors, scholars, church planters and artists—anyone committed to the idea that God is working out his mission through the church.

Written by scholars and seasoned ministers, this accessible resource assists leaders as they introduce the vision of missional discipleship to their churches and small groups. With topics ranging from service and compassion to discipleship and the family, this guide encapsulates what it means to engage a community of faith and equip them to participate in the redemptive mission of God. God desires to expand our view so that we can catch glimpses of his hand in our everyday lives—in our work, in our leisure, our joys, and our sorrows. In Pieces of Heaven, author Joseph Bentz invites readers to celebrate the God who is close at hand and easy to see— if we pay attention.

Rich in devotional and theological insight, this book reminds us that through our faith in Christ we are all children of Abraham. The Bible is filled with stories of people with all kinds of flaws and imperfections. If you are a young person who wonders if there is a place in the church for someone like you, or if you want to know if your own church can be the kind of body in which young people are welcome, A Seat at the Table will give you a new personal and kingdom perspective.

Kilimanjaro and the life-changing lessons he learned along the way. With wisdom and fortitude, Bowling shares observations, principles, and insights to help others overcome and conquer the challenges of life—no matter how difficult they might seem. With solid biblical scholarship, Truesdale employs historical fiction to explain and explore how Christians can confront and defeat the Baal conspiracy in the Church and in daily living. Silent God reveals new understanding of the mystery and power of God and shows how to find him through the silence, helping readers emerge with a greater sense of purpose and deeper connection with Christ.

In God in Pursuit, Bentz identifies and celebrates the sparks that allow faith to catch fire in the lives of new believers who were once hostile or indifferent to God.

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In Dancing with the Law, author Dan Boone challenges us to, like the ancient people of God, look at law as a sacred gift that points the way to the life God intended. A wayward son. A broken father. An angry brother. A story for today. Boomerang is a thought-provoking, hope-filled retelling of one of the most memorable parables in the Bible.

Earl Lee addressed the peace-stealers many years ago in his classic The Cycle of Victorious Living, which sold more than , copies. Scott Daniels, now pastor of the same church Dr. We are created in the image of a God who gives generously.