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This learner-centred approach interweaves with the ever-changing moods and marvels, potential and challenges of the natural world through the seasons to fill every Forest School session and programme with discovery and difference. Yet each programme does also share a common set of principles, aimed at ensuring that all learners experience the cumulative and lasting benefits that quality Forest School offers.

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After receiving funding from the Big Local at Grays Riverside we are now able to offer a free youth group. The vision through JBCN International School is to nurture principled young people who, with conviction and commitment, can take their place as leaders and problem solvers in a rapidly globalizing world. Artistic Exploration Our programme objective is for learners to view every artistic medium as an expression of creativity, culture, tradition and our legacy to the future.

The creative arts programme nurtures creativity and self expression through a variety of media, techniques and tools in Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Communication Skills, Cookery, Gardening, Theatre Arts and Publications. It may be because they trust the teacher more to accurately educate them. It may be because students see themselves in their teachers. Majority of my teachers have been white and female, however I have had two black male teachers, an Asian teacher, and a Hispanic teacher.

I feel that having a diversity of teachers made me more excited to learn.

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A teacher who cares about their students and who is passionate about what they teach is the best kind of teacher. Although as a black female student I do think it is nice to see people who are the same color or gender as me in charge. It shows us that we too can have jobs and teach like them too. Our favorite part about the wide-ranging interpretations is how they interrogate the soul and meaning of the American project. Is ours a society founded on the value of diversity or one being driven apart by our differences? Embracing our differences.

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  • This picture shows the spirit of the American people, as anybody of any race or group can contribute and ultimately create a booming society full of diversity and culture. It shows how special America is. Anybody from anywhere coming from anything can come together to form and develop a society in which we can all prosper. This image to me shows how everyone and anyone who lives in America makes up the country. Regardless of race, sex, gender identity, religion or age we are all one because we get to live in America.

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    Everyone can be American, even if you are a different race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, or any other factor should not make you less of an American than anyone else. Everyone is free to contribute to the American society. If you live here, no matter what, you are an American just like the rest of us. Looked at from a different viewpoint, the people are taking something America not building on to it. Upon first glance, this illustration looks like a clear cut burst of colorful patriotism.

    I think that the Pieces of a Flag drawing is trying to show us the effects the bad things that are going on in the U. Those people are breaking apart our country piece by piece until there is nothing left like a puzzle.

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    They are attacking various states which is why some stars are being removed and some former colonies. Things like racism could be attacking the country or political decisions.

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    • Two sides of the same coin. This image can be viewed in two ways. The first way, which is the way I saw initially, is people taking the American flag apart. Seeing it like this, it makes me think the illustration is saying how the country is being divided apart due to all the politics and differences in opinion everyone has.


      On the other hand, you can also view it as people putting the flag together. When I initially saw this image, it looked to me as though people were uniting to put our flag back together. I began to think of all of the events that have occurred within the past couple of years: mass shootings, political debates, natural disasters, hate-crimes. All of these events have allowed our nation to realize the importance of reuniting our once great country.

      Some may say that the image depicts people taking apart our flag. While events such as political debates and hate crimes have occurred and caused us to unite, they have also driven us apart.