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However, the twopronged pitchfork is later discovered to be a pitch generator and a weapon against Sybil , the Armory's ancient creature who was also compared to being the devil. This article has been identified as an article that needs help. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. Because of its nature, its name is a mystery, but some characters refer to this being in different ways:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about The Devil, a character from the novel series. You may be looking for Arcadius , a character from the television series.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Dear Diary" This article has been identified as an article that needs help. Novel Characters. Protagonist Characters. Antagonist Characters. Recurring Characters. Minor Characters. Supernatural Species. When Cade tries to make him choose between saving the soul of Elena or Stefan, he sacrifices himself in an effort to save them both.

Freya was a bargaining chip in a deal her mother made with her aunt, Dahlia, to use dark magic to fix her infertility. Dahlia did what her sister asked of her but only after her sister agreed that her first child and every subsequent first child in the Mikaelson bloodline would be given to Dahlia. As a result, Freya was handed over to her aunt when she was five and trained as a witch. In her quest for power, Dahlia put a sleeping curse on Freya — she slept for years and woke up for one.

By the time Freya finally meets her siblings, she wants nothing more than to get away from Dahlia. Freya proved to be a remarkably powerful witch and even without the sleeping curse to shore up her power, she still was able to perform amazing magical feats that helped her siblings in the direst circumstances.

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For most of his life, he was condemned, along with the rest of his werewolf pack, to stay in his wolf form except on the night of the full moon. Once that curse was lifted, he resumed his role as the alpha of the Crescent Wolf Pack. At the same time, he fell hard for Hayley whose entanglement with the Mikaelsons was a burden on both of them, but especially Jackson.

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While Hayley had feelings for Jackson she was still in love with Elijah. Jackson had a great deal of strength because of the arrangement, but ultimately his downfall was his undying devotion to Hayley. When they were abducted by an enemy of the Mikaelsons, Hayley was made to watch as his life was taken right in front of her. Over multiple seasons on The Vampire Diaries , Katherine proved what a conniving, devious vampire she could be.

While Katherine at times appeared to have real feelings for Damon and especially Stefan, her instinct for self-preservation was what drove her more than anything else. Ultimately, Katherine ascends to become the queen of the Underworld. An appropriate designation for a character who had created so much hardship and chaos throughout her centuries of existence.

While her power ebbed and flowed throughout the series, no matter her circumstances, she always used everything she had to make sure she got hers. By the time Rayna Cruz showed up on The Vampire Diaries as one of the most fearsome vampire hunters in the world, her relentless pursuit had gone on since the 19 th century. After a vampire forced her to end her father's life, Cruz vowed vengeance and was given enhanced abilities by a tribe of Native American shaman. One of her new powers was multiple lives.

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Cruz was resurrected multiple times to continue pursuing her vendetta against the vampires. After so many years though, Rayna was exhausted, so she granted her final life to Bonnie. However, Bonnie inherited the hunter's blind devotion to the eradication of vampires, as Cruz knew she would. She also never switched off her humanity and became completely immoral.

Instead, she wore her vampirism lightly, enjoying the perks while still retaining her sympathy for people. While Lexi possessed the basic powers of any vampire, her trusting nature prevented her from using them when she needed them most. When Bonnie was initially introduced on The Vampire Diaries , she was just beginning to realize she was a witch.

Her learning curve from no magic to powerful witch was swift, to say the least. Bonnie uses her impressive magical abilities to help her friends any way she can. In fact, Bonnie becomes the most self-sacrificing character on the show. She loses her life and is resurrected, loses her magic and gets it back, loses friends and family and keeps on going, seemingly through sheer force of will.

As the daughter of Klaus and Hayley, Hope is brimming with power. While she may be extremely powerful for someone her age, she most likely has a way to go before she reaches her full potential. Enzo managed to meet up with the Salvatores multiple times during his plus years of existence. Enzo was imprisoned and experimented on for 70 years.

When Stefan finally rips his heart from his chest, all the promise of a better life with Bonnie ends with him. Hayley was adopted when she was a baby, so she was never aware of her werewolf heritage. Once she triggered her werewolf curse, however, her adoptive parents kicked her out, leaving her to fend for herself at the age of In order to survive, Hayley grew up fast, becoming savvy and street smart.

By the time she had a fling with Klaus, leading to her pregnancy, she was tough and independent. She also became the alpha of her newly-discovered wolf pack.

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Despite her upbringing, she was a compassionate leader and caring mother — and she was fiercely loyal to the people she cared about, including the Mikaelsons, and especially Elijah. Rebekah, along with her siblings, was one of the first vampires. At times, this has created problems for her, like when Klaus locks her in a coffin for half a century to keep her away from Marcel. Ultimately though her persistence wins and in the finale of The Originals she shares her plans to take the cure for vampirism and become human again. Through The Originals , Josh proved himself to be more of a lover than a fighter.

Josh had the powers common to vampires, but he was young and therefore easily outmatched. Kai is a charismatic but homicidal witch. When he was denied what he believed was his birthright, he went after his siblings, dispatching many of them until his coven trapped him in a purgatory-like prison world, an alternate dimension where he could no longer hurt anyone.

After Kai escaped his prison, he found and drained the magic from two of his remaining siblings, leaving him super-powered. He eventually met his demise but managed to bring himself back from the Underworld to wreak more havoc.

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His power and lack of remorse make him a frightening villain. This is one of the reasons his shows of strength can be so scary. Elijah is extremely powerful and can easily best multiple opponents at once, but because of his outwardly calm and collected demeanor, his ability to be so aggressive is often disconcerting. Yet, Elijah is capable of being the most brutal member of the Mikaelson clan, strategically deploying his powers when needed in the deadliest ways.

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Cami deserved much more than she got on The Originals. She was smart, compassionate, and strong-willed. A student studying to be a psychologist, Cami came to New Orleans to investigate the mysterious death of her twin brother, which led her to the supernatural residents of the city. She soon became involved with the Mikaelsons, and especially Klaus. She was taken hostage more than once to draw Klaus out.


And despite her boldness and attempts to take on beings far stronger than her, she ultimately succumbed to compulsion and became a vampire. While that made Cami more powerful, she never had much of a chance to show her enhanced capabilities. Instead, she met her demise shortly after turning.