Time to Rejoice: Devotions Celebrating Gods Love

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One of the disciples struggled to make peace with himself and with those whom he considered to be his community. From Matthew From that time on he was looking for an opportunity to turn him in. Why did Judas do it? Judas had heard Jesus talk countless times about the love that God sent to the world through Jesus. Judas knew of and experienced brokenness and yet he was still longing, still searching for the place that God had in his life. We all have moments where we feel like Judas, where we long to know that God is present even when we feel like God is no where near. In many ways, Judas, like us, often wants the opportunity to start over, to come clean, to come alive once again in a God who loves us know matter what.


Oh Lord, It is Time to begin. Leader: Life giving God, Can you hear me? Can you heal me? Can you free me? Tearing muscles, squeezing soul, breaking bones. Sighs and groans, stones and bones, familiar you are. Leader: Can you hear me?

10 Birthday Reminders of God's Eternal Love

One by one, Take these stones, Mend these groans, Heal these bones. Heal me, Hear me, Free me. Where we no longer have to search because we know that God is present with us in the bread and the cup. Where we know that God invites us to start over and over again, each new day. For wondrously you have created heaven and earth. Hovering in gracious care over all that you have made. You formed us as your image of love in the world. Do this in remembrance of me. Through Christ, with Christ, in Christ, and in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory and blessing is yours, Almighty God, now and forever.

Pastor: As we have been together this week, a community formed with the intention to learn how to Love Well and live that love in our everyday lives, we come together once again, this time at the table of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, reminded that this table is a table where all who know and Love God Well are welcome to come and to feast at this table. You are invited to come and to feast together at the Love Well station that is closest to you in the arena, our volunteers will help to direct you to that closest Love Well.

Sharing the Bread and Cup — band plays song during the serving of communion and fills time as necessary. There is not a long list of things we must do or be, Jesus just wants us. We need only to love and love well, the way that Jesus calls us to love. When we love well, we rise up, we look for change, we face our fears, we meet strangers. We rise.

Getting Your Day Started Right Pt 1 (Joyce's Bootcamp: Prayer and Bible Study - Week 1)

We rise up and we love well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Seeing Christmas through New Eyes

Responsive Reading: Based on Romans People: You break us down, You build us up. We are Believers. People: My life, my love, my drive, came from pain. Lord Jesus, help us to see the good in our lives and reflect it to all we meet.

Help us to minister to others the hope and joy of living a life with you. For we know this path will lead to life eternal both now and forever in Heaven. The prayer at the end was my favorite part.

Top 7 Bible Verses About Laughter and Smiling

I tend to be a grouchy Lent kinda guy! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

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