Where the Hell Is Turtle Creek? : A Memoir of Days Gone By

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I'll leave at that since I don't want to offend anyone.

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If you would have asked me what I thought of this book after pages, I would have put it at a solid The baseball stuff is interesting from his hate of, in his words, his "alcoholic manager" Davy Johnson on the Mets to his recalling the '86 and '93 World Series Both extremely memorable. I wish there was more talk about his on the field exploits. He spent chapters talking about celebrity friends Charlie Scheen and Jack Nicholson and people he knew or saved in his mind. As he gets into his life after baseball his ego starts to become somewhat annoying. He is the best at everything, just ask him.

He also seems to use this book to settle scores with people who wronged him or he didn't like. He mentions his website twice. He goes out of his way to make himself look good, including adding how he gave his wife his MLB pension.

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It didn't add to the book really at all, it was more him saying look at what a good guy I am now. I think if he had toned down the ego some with some more baseball, it would have been a really good book. In the end it was an okay book with lost potential. It was sort of disappointing because I remember the Phillies and I really liked them.

This book does not better my opinion of one of their stars. He is an egomaniac who was wrong by everyone in his mind. As he said many times in his book I don't regret reading this book, but I would recommend moving it down on your list for when you are digging deep for something to read. Nov 07, Jim Patton rated it really liked it.

Dude worked and played HARD!! Not sure we are seeing the whole story on his bankruptcy troubles, but he certainly held very little back on everything else. Oct 22, Erin rated it liked it. I am giving this book three stars because it was highly readable and the first half was really interesting. However, the second half was downright depressing. I was 11 years old in and I was a huge Mets fan. So I was curious to read what happened to Lenny Dykstra in his own words. He was one of my family's favorite players We had that Nails poster hanging up and seeing it in the photo section gave me a smile.

My aunt even changed alliance to the Phillies when he was traded. That being sai I am giving this book three stars because it was highly readable and the first half was really interesting. That being said, I thought the background on his childhood was really interesting, along with his early years, meeting Teri and of course reading about baseball. However, the rest of the story is really a great testimony as to why sports players should not be receiving such massive salaries.

These guys will do anything for the money, including stooping to drugs and cheating to get it. Then, once they have it, they aren't very bright and they use it for more drugs, partying and whores. They know everyone around them is using them for money, but they don't care because they are using the users as well. It's fucking sad. Imagine the world of good these men could do with these awesome sums of money instead of spending it on hookers and drugs.

It's ironic too, because Dykstra complains about selfish baseball and players who play selfishly, but his whole LIFE is selfish. Also, in answer to his rant about the hall of fame, none of these men who took steroids belong. They cheated. None of the fans consider those records as really have been broken. You guys ruined baseball permanently. I stopped watching way back then and never went back. Who wants to see a bunch of hulking oxen on the field? Baseball players used to be attractive, slim men.


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Now they are mostly big fat foreigners who all need translators to talk to each other. The big money ruined it all and that is why the stadiums are empty.

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My three year old daughter saw Dykstra's picture on the cover of this book and thought he was a monster. I also thought that the whole tax evasion thing was glossed over and not really explained. Either Dykstra doesn't understand it himself or maybe he does all too well. In short, Dykstra started off as a great player, but became instrumental in the fall of baseball. He's not very bright and is a very, very flawed person. Overall, this book saddened me.

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  8. Jun 27, Alex Rivas rated it really liked it Shelves: biographies-memoirs , sports. A tell all and blunt account of Lenny Dykstra, a scrappy center fielder for the World Champion New York Mets in and the runner ups Phillies in Very entertaining read, not a dull page in the book, highly recommended to baseball fans.

    Favorite Quote "Don't give up your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you" John Wooden. Nov 13, Matthew Stetz rated it it was ok. I call bullshit on some of his stories but some were still funny. Jul 04, David Hallstrom rated it it was ok. I read this book in a day. Not exactly demanding literature. The book offered a lot of promise and began very well but failed miserably at the end. I was a Phillies season-ticket holder and was one of my favorite seasons. Dykstra was a big part of what made that season so special. The book is engaging when he is writing about baseball.

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    He obviously loved the game and speaks well of most of his teammates and managers. But it is the off-the-field stories where the book fails. Too many of the I read this book in a day. Too many of the stories are unbelievable - they may be exaggerations or they may be outright lies. And he chooses to name names only when it makes the name look bad. That Dykstra is a petty man is no surprise.


    The book fails at the end as Dykstra is not honest about his financial and legal troubles. No innocent man has as many allegations leveled against him as did Dykstra. But all we learn about is the one allegation for which he went to prison. I do not disagree with Dykstra's contention that the US Government has the power and resources to bring you down. But why would they want to bring down Lenny Dykstra? It's more likely that they looked at all of the potential things for which they could charge him and went with the one that would be easiest to prove.

    And seeing as Dykstra pled No Contest, he as much as admitted his guilt. I don't think this is a spoiler alert but: Dykstra publishes a sworn affidavit from a lawyer that he claims proves his innocence. The affidavit, according to Dykstra, was presented at his sentencing hearing. It was not, he points out, entered as evidence at his trial. Dykstra is either lying or he had the worst lawyer ever.

    What lawyer would save up irrefutable proof of a client's innocence for the sentencing hearing? Dykstra was a gifted ball player. If you read this book you will realize his gifts began and ended on the diamond. He is not a likable person and he is not ultimately honest. Jan 29, Bill Krieger rated it liked it.

    Lenny Dykstra is: 1 completely out of control, and 2 as selfish a person as I've read about. He manically pursued his baseball career and Like any addict, Lenny has tons of excuses about the havoc he wreaks on himself and those close to him. It all leads to a very unflattering tale of self-destruction. But Lenny has one thing going for him: his stories.

    Oh, and one more thing: Lenny has no filter. He'll say the craziest, most obnoxious stuff without Lenny Dykstra is: 1 completely out of control, and 2 as selfish a person as I've read about. He'll say the craziest, most obnoxious stuff without blinking. His life is a trainwreck and at times we can't look away. I'll still can't get over that one. The worst part of the book is the baseball part, oddly.